Don't Leave Me

Hadasah has just started college and is getting used to america. she has just met a guy who is hadasah and lori's neighbors from across the hall. will hadasah fall in love...? or will she be broken hearted...?


3. trouble



i was walking over to jack's house to talk to him, then it started to rain. just my luck!

i walked up and knocked on his door. i knocked about 3 times and he didn't answer.

"please jack, tell that what i saw earlier was not real. please jack!" i was now crying. i slid down his door and held my knee's.

i was becoming cold and ended up going unconscious... i felt somebody shake me. who was it...?

"hadasah, can you hear me?" it was jack, he soon picked me up in his arms.

"jack." i mumbled coming back to consciousness. "jack."



why was she saying my name? i should probably call her parents and let them know what happend. she usually keeps her phone in her pcket in her coat. i checked her coat and her phone was there.

her mom picked up.

"hello?" her mom asked.

"hi, this is jack. hadasah's boyfriend."

"ohh, it's you who broke my little girls heart!" she sounded really mad.

"yea, im sorry about that. but i think has hypothermia. she is unconscious and shivering.  she was sitting outside my house and i found her unconscious outside in the freezing cold rain." i explained to her as calmly as possible.

"you should take her to the hospitla. take good care of her." her mom exclaimed, i could just imagine her pointing her finger at me.

"okay, thank you. bye mrs. horan!"

"bye jack!"

i picked her back up off the couch and put her in my car covering her up with a blanket. she was still shivering and her teeth were chattering. i feel so horrible, this is all my fault.

we arrived at the hospital and i carried hadasah inside. i walked up to the front desk wiht hadasah in my arms and sked if i could see th doctor.

"yes, i will ring him up for you. wait one minute." the lady at the desk said.

"thank you!" i replied.

"your welcome." the doctor soon came out and told me to set hadasah onto a gurnee.

"what exactly happend?"

"my girlfriend was waiting outside my house and she was unconscious when i found her on my doorstep." i explained to the doctor.

"we will take care of her, if you don't mind sitting in the waiting area?" the doctor asked.

"i can do that, thank you."

"your welcome!" he then had some nurse's push her off into a different room.


2 hours later


the doctor came out.

"hadasah should be fine, but we will need to keep her over night for observation." the doctor exclaimed happily.

"that sounds great. am i allowed to talk to her?" i asked him nicely

"yes, you can go talk to her now."

"thank you very much for helping me." i said grinning

"no problem, it's my job!" i then walked off to hadasah's room and knocked on the door.

"come in!" she yelled through the door.

"hi, im so sorry about earlier. i really didn't mean-" i started, but was then cut off.

jack, it's fine. i accept your appology. you basically just saved my life. that's what a great guy does, and you are a great guy." she said sympathetically.

"but, this is my fault though, if it wern't for that girl earlier, this never would have happend." i then sat down next to her on her bed.

"don't worry about it." she then quickly pecked me on the lips. "you are a great guy, i couldn't wish for anything better!"


5 years later


im getting married to hadasah jane horan and i couldn't be happier.


A/N: hi, this is the end of the 'love or war?' series. i will be hopefully writing more stories. so give me some ideas i could possibly use. thank you so much!


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