Don't Leave Me

Hadasah has just started college and is getting used to america. she has just met a guy who is hadasah and lori's neighbors from across the hall. will hadasah fall in love...? or will she be broken hearted...?


2. brokenhearted





3 months later


i was studying for a math test and then i realized that i was going to be late for my exploring literature class if i didn't get to class in 5 minutes. if i don't get there in that amount of time, i could possibly get detention and that would not be good.

i grabbed my books and ran outside and across the courtyard, and into the building were exploring literature is.

i walked in the classroom and sat down next to lori, thankfully not late for class.

"hey lori." i said slightly panting.

"hey, why were you late?!"

"sorry, i lost track of time. i was studying for a math exam." i said smiling and looking at her.

"ohhh, that makes more sense. so, how's the lovely boyfriend?"

"he's great, he's been kind of mysterious lately, and i'm kind of worried about him."

"maybe you just need to give him some space." lori said looking at me seriously.

"true, i have been felling awefully clingy lately." i said now kind of sad.

"see, there it is. give him a couple of days."

"okay!" i said and then class started.

(sorry, if you didn't know, but jack lives in his own house)


class is over now


i went ot go get some coffee at starbucks when i saw jack making out with a different girl outside the shop.

jack saw me, i started walking away.

he ran up behind me and grabbed my arm.

"hadasah... please wait. can we talk about this?" jack exlaimed looking at me sadly.

"no!" i said while struggling to get out of his grasp. eventually i did. "just leave me alone jack!" i said now crying. "you think you can just make out with another girl when you are still dating me!"

"we'll talk about this later." he said going back to the girl he was snogging on earlier.


i soon ran back to my dorm and sat down on my bed crying.

lori soon came over by me and started rubbing my back.

"hadasah, what happend?!" lori asked really confused.

"i... saw... jack kissing... another girl." i said gasping between my crying.

"im so sorry!" she said hugging me.

i kind of sobbed into her shoulder. i felt like such a kid. usually my mum or dad was here to comfort me, but not this time. it kind of disapointed me though.

to mum:

hey mum :(

to hadasah:

hi, whats wrong sweetheart?

to mum:

i saw my boyfriend kissing another girl.

to hadasah:

im so sorry

to mum;

it's okay, don't worry about me.

to hadasah:

your father and i are coming to america tomorrow to see you, okay?

to mum:

mum, i siad not to worry about me. i'll be fine.

to hadasah:

i know, but we want to see you. we miss you!

to mum:

okay then, see you then!

to hadasah:

okay. bye :)

to mum:

bye :) <3

- - - - - - - -

yay! now my parents are coming to america. i can't wait to see them!

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