Don't Leave Me

Hadasah has just started college and is getting used to america. she has just met a guy who is hadasah and lori's neighbors from across the hall. will hadasah fall in love...? or will she be broken hearted...?


1. coffee with lou




it's saturday


"hey lori, im going out to have coffee with my uncle lou, so if jack comes by tell him that im there if he doesn't get my text."

"okay, i let him know."

"thank you lori!" i exclaimed happily

"no problem, you should probably get going."

"okay, bye. i'll see you later."

i walked out of the dorm and saw jack in the hall. yes, jack and i are dating now.

"oh, hey jack." i said running up to him.

"hey, where are you going?" he said kissing me on the lips.

"im going to have some coffee  with my uncle lou, we havn't talked to him in like 3 years. so, were going to hang out for a while."

"sounds great, will i be able to see you later?"

"yes, you will. i would say i would be back in like 2 hours? so we can hang out then." i said hugging him.

"okay, see you later babe!" he said kissing me on the lips.

"bye!" i said while walking away.

i walked down the street to starbucks and saw louis sitting down at a booth drinking a latte. i waved to him and then walked up to the counter and got a strawberrys and cream.

i then walked over to lou and sat down. we talked for about 2 hours then we both left. i walked up to my dorm and set my stuff down.

"hey lori."

"hey, how was your uncle?"

"great, it was nice to talk to him."


A/N: this next chapter will be better, trust me. it's going to get intense on the college campus. read to find out what happens next, it will be good!!!


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