An abandoned house, one dare, and a cursed girl. The lives of five boys rapidly changes when they take on the challenge of an annoying hater.
Btw for those of you who are wondering Enigma means mystery.


2. Voices

The room was dark making it hard to see. "Guys?" Niall whispered. "We're all here. Where we are is a different question." Harry responded. Niall began to nod then stopped. "I was nodding." he said. The boys murmured a quiet response.
"Why...." the boys jumped. "Why..." the voice said again. The voice was slow, pained, and very angry. "Why....!" the voice was starting to rise to a yell. There was a loud scream and the lights flashed on and off once. Only long enough for the boys to run to eachother. They each grabbed onto one another as to not get lost. "Why can't you leave me alone...! You're all fools! You're all the same..All boys are the same...!They're idiotssssss...!" the voice hissed the last word. "I'll make you regret coming here...! I'll make you disappear one by one...!"
The boys heard a deep yelp of surprise followed by a shutting door. "Zayn!" the four yelling in unison.
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