An abandoned house, one dare, and a cursed girl. The lives of five boys rapidly changes when they take on the challenge of an annoying hater.
Btw for those of you who are wondering Enigma means mystery.


1. Just A Dare

The boys stood in front of the gates of the old abandoned house. Its once colorful paint was now chipped and faded. How did they get there you ask? Or is your question why did they go there? There's two specific reasons. 1) haters really know how to dare and 2) sheer curiosity. I'll take you back a few hours to how it started.
"If you guys are real men stop ignoring my emails and go to the old house at the end of the street!!" Niall read aloud. He sighed and deleted the message again. "Again?" Harry questioned. Niall nodded dramatically. "It's soooo annoying." he said. "Then why not take the guy up on his offer? It's not like the house is haunted or something." Zayn said. "Do you even know what house he's talking about?! He's talking about the haunted one Zayn!" Niall exclaimed. Harry rolled his eyes at his friends outburst. "Let's just go." Harry said. And that was that. In a few hours the boys took up the haters dare and there they were in front of the haunted house.
"Why are we doing this again?" Niall asked. "Pure curiosity." Harry responded. He reached out to open the rusty gates when suddenly they burst open. Harry froze involuntarily. The boys looked around confused. "I'm sure it's just special effects." Niall said causally. They visibly relaxed but stayed on guard all the same.
Liam took a step forward. "Well lets g-" In an instant the boys were pushed inside of the house by an unknown force. The rusty gates clattered shut. Niall and Harry instinctively began to run towards the gates and the others followed. Just as they reached the door it slammed shut and they were all pulled into the depths of the house.
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