He's My Superman

Hanna has a terrible life. Everday when she gets home her dad beats her. One day he goes to far so Hanna runs far away until she meets a blond hair blue eyed boys. How does a change her life? Does her dad find her? Read to find out!


13. The fight

Hannah's POV
it was happening. It was all coming back. I hadn't had these flashbacks in a long time. I just sat on the cold hard wood floor. I was paralyzed from the memories. I felt someone pick me up and I looked up to see liam. I cuddled into his chest. He was the best cousin ever I could never ask for more.

Liam brought me over to my bed and put me under the blankets. He kissed my forehead and said "get some rest Hannah... I will talk to them." "Thanks LI-LI." "Your welcome Hannah banana." I closed my eyes and heard the door shut. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Liam's POV

I laid Hannah down in bed and made the boys leave so we could talk about what happened. "Okay boys sit on the couch we are gonna talk about this instead of fighting" they both sat on different sides of the coach. You could tell Niall was angry but you could also tell that he was worried about Hannah. I told them to talk it through while I go and check on Hannah. I walked into her room and she was still trembling just as much as she was before. I walked over to her and I wrapped my arms around but she still didn't wake up.

Niall's POV

Harry Styles. A name I never want to hear again. I know, bros before hoes. But Hannah was something different. Something about her is just so intriguing, that something left a gaping whole in me only she can fill. I never felt this way before and in a good way. She is the single most important thing in my life right now. And I would do anything to keep here. I would even quit the band. She is so special to me,I just want to shield her from everything and wrap her in my arms day in and day out. But one thing right now sat in my way of her. Harry. That damn man takes every single girl I care about. No one ever cares about Niall and how he has feelings. Now every one is going to understand how Niall gets a chance. Now, it is time and no one is going to stop me from loving her until I die.

Harry's POV

Fuck. Why am I so stupid. I kissed Niall's girl with every single intention god has placed on his green earth. I am probably the worst friend ever. No, not probably, defiantly. Niall will never ever forgive me and I don't blame him. I can see the fury in his eyes. It is basically shooting wholes all over my body. His is shaking with anger and I am about to shit myself. I know Niall is sensitive, but I have never ever seen him lime this before. He must really care about her. He loves her.

Liam's POV

Why is everyone so damn angry around here. Oh yeah! By best friend is a whore. Not be mean but the one night stands are getting out of control. For gods sakes, he has a list on his phone for booty calls. I would much rather have Niall be with Hannah than Harry. I mean I love Harry, he is my best friend but he is not going to get my blessing with Hannah. I know, over protective. But I have to be. I will always be. No matter what. I love Hannah.

Now I just have to calm Niall down. He looks like he is going to murder the queen

Niall's POV

I can't take Liam's daddy direction talk. Something about being civilized and how Harry shouldn't of done it. Liam said, "Look Harry is sorry Niall, h-" Harry cut him off by saying. "I'm sorry Niall, but I not sorry about kissing Hannah." What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. Him. "Really Harry! Do you not understand?!?!! Every time I remotely care about a girl you take her! And then dump her! You are not going to take her away from me! I'm not letting it happen!" I yelled. My hands are balled in fists and smoke is shooting out of my ears. "Sorry mate, but you can't stop me from getting to her." He said. Really? What happened to the bubbly cheeky Harry I knew? Now he is an evil backstabbing, womanizing, no good ass. What happened to my best friend.

I don't know but I assume this friendship has ended. And if it hasn't it is about to.

I jumped up of the couch and said "I can't now". A good retort to what he said previously. I jumped on him and the couch got knocked over with him on it. As my fist connected with his face Liam was yelling at me to get off of Harry. I replied with " Sorry mate! Not happening." I began to bust Harry's lip open. "Stop!" He yelled as he tried to defend himself. His attempts didn't work. I was red with furry at him. He wanted my girl and he will get her over my dead body.

Harry finally was able to get out of my grip. He punched me and I kicked him were it hurts. Before he could fall I pushed him to the ground and said " I thought you were my friend Harry, well I guess fame got to you. You said you'd never change. Liar." I spat as I walked away.

Hannah's POV

I was still trembling in Liam's arms when I woke up. I calmed down after a bit and stood up and straightened out my rumpled up clothes. "I need a shower Liam" I said and walked to the bathroom. "Ok, I need to sort things out. I will see you later lovely." He said as he pulled me into a hug. I smiled big like an idiot.He always said 'she you later lovely' to me when we were kids when he left my house. I sat and remember when we were kids, all the good memories. I was memorized and in deep thought when I went into the shower. I got out and I hear something horrible. "Sorry mate, but you can't stop me from getting to her." He said. I could seriously hear the smirk on his face. Hell if he could. I belong to Niall! I love him, he makes me feel special and no one has ever made me feel the way he makes me feel. Then I heard a big boom, I think the couch got knocked over. Oh hell no. I know what I heard. I heard a fight. I quickly slipped into a cami and Niall's sweats and I walked to the living room. I was shocked at what I saw. Niall. He was on top of Harry fighting. Then I realized why he was fighting. He was fighting for me. He told me when we were just talking shits and giggles that he would fight anyone to keep me with him. And it looks like he is doing it. Ahh! I just can't watch, I will get a flash back. I just ran to my room and turned the music up. Loud, really really loud so I couldn't hear them. Just block it out. Just loud music blocking out all the bad things. And bringing in the good things. Bringing in thoughts of childhood of laughter with Liam. And a future with Niall.

(A/N) hey guys sorry I haven't updated I have been busy with basketball and school!
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