He's My Superman

Hanna has a terrible life. Everday when she gets home her dad beats her. One day he goes to far so Hanna runs far away until she meets a blond hair blue eyed boys. How does a change her life? Does her dad find her? Read to find out!


4. The Dream

I was running as fast as I could I was so scared he was going to catch me. "Hannah come back you little bitch!" My dad kept yelling at me to come back. I turned a corner and it was a dead end. I could hear my dad getting closer to me I was so scared. Right when I tried to run he caught me. He slammed me up against a wall and started beating me and telling me this is what I got for running. Then everything went black. I heard a voice. It wasn't my dads. It was....it was...liam! I woke up and I was sweaty and my heart was racing. "Hannah! Hannah! It's okay it's just me liam!" I had tears in me eyes. Everything was blurry. I grabbed ahold of liam and just sat there crying my eyes out. I was getting his shirt wet but I didn't care. "Liam I'm scared he is going to find me." "Shh Hannah it's okay I won't let that happen you can come live with me and I will get you some knew clothes and stuff. It's going to be okay." Thanks liam I don't know what I would do without you." And with that I fell back asleep.
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