He's My Superman

Hanna has a terrible life. Everday when she gets home her dad beats her. One day he goes to far so Hanna runs far away until she meets a blond hair blue eyed boys. How does a change her life? Does her dad find her? Read to find out!


12. She's Mine (not Mary this time it's Hannah

Niall's POV

When everyone was being introduced to Hannah I saw harry staring at her. It was that stare. I know it anywhere. It was the -I'm gonna get that girl no matter what- stare. But not this time he has stolen every girl I have ever liked and it wasn't going to happen again. Not this time. Hannah is my girl and he can find another. Hannah is my princess and she won't be taken away from me.

Harry's POV

Hannah was beautiful. The way she smiled and laughed it was just "amazayn" -----> don't judge me right there. I had too.<----- I had to get her she had to be mine. Niall can find another girl. She will be my everything. I think I'm in love.

Hannah's POV

we were all laughing and having a god time when somebody tapped my shoulder. I turned around and it was niall. "Can we talk for a minute love?" He asked "of course we can. Excuse me peeps." We walked into my bedroom and niall closed the door behind him. "Niall is everything okay babe?" "Umm no not really.....um well lets start with this.....every time I have had a girlfriend harry has stolen her away from me..... But your my princess and I'm actually in love this time and I'm not gonna let him take you away....your mine and I'm happy I can call you that....so can you promise me that you won't dump me for harry?" "Of course I promise....I love you and only you niall there is no doubt about it."

We walked back downstairs and into the living room. Harry was staring at me. "Hey Hannah can I talk to you?" Harry asked. "Um sure." Harry started to walk to my room. When his back was facing me I mouthed to niall "it's okay" I could tell niall didn't like the fact that we were going up there and were gonna be alone but I don't like harry I like niall.

When I got to my room harry was sitting on my bed. I left the door open but harry went and shut it. "What did you want to talk about harry?" He didn't say anything he just came closer to me. I was looking in my eyes and then looked down at my lips. I could tell he wanted me. Our faces were inches apart. I screamed and then he kissed me to shut me up I couldn't push him off he was to strong. If only niall was here to save me.

Niall's POV

I heard a scream.
I automatically knew who's scream it was. Hannah. What happened to her? Did she fall? Did she get hurt? Oh my living Jesus with colors on fire. Harry. Harry flipping Styles. What did he do to her? Liam and I ran like no tomorrow out of the room and tried to find Hannah and see what was wrong. Right now I feel like I could tear Harry open. Every single time I get a girl who I even remotely like, Harry takes her away from me.

"Oh my god! Why did you do that?" I heard Hannah say about to burst into tears. I Finally found my way to her from the sound if her voice. "Hannah! Are you ok." I asked. I stopped dead in my tracks as I found Harry kissing her. She tried to pull away but Harry kept her in. I ran to her and smacked Harry. "Why the hell did you do to her?" I yelled at Harry. "She was trying to get away from you!" I yelled. Hannah ran to Liam and and stared blankly and then broke out in tears. All i heard he say is "no" over and over again. "Liam! what is happing to her?" i asked as I rubbed her back. All he said was five words I dreaded. "She is getting a flashback."

Hannah's POV

I was pinned to my bed by my god forsaken father with handcuffs and I was gagged with a hand towel. Things were running through my mind about what he might do to me. Would he tourture me? Would he starve me? I knew in thing for sure. He was going to rape me. I don't know if he would do it or one of his friends would but I was only a 14 and I was beaten and called names on a regular basis. But this time was different. He already took away everything I had. Friends,family,confidence,self esteem,hope, but today he would take away the ultimate thing today, he would take away my virginity. He would take away the least but of innocence I even had left. I was trembling in fear as he walked through the door. I tried to scream and kick and get away but nothing worked. The cuffs and gag were really tight. He came up to me and tears were pouring out of my eyes. "Dad, please don't do this! Please beg of you!" I pleaded. He was drunk of course and he didn't listen. He took out a sharp knife and cut my side. I screamed in pain as he put a bandage over it. "I want you to survive so you know how worthless you really are" he said with a wicked smile. He pulled his drunken self over me and undid the handcuffs and gag but be pinned me back down. He put all of his body weight on me and forced a kiss onto me. I tried to pull away and it hopelessly failed. "Don't move bitch" he said. I was in deep deep fear and despair of what he would do.

Next he got up off of me and said "Next time you fuck up I will do more". Then he left my room. I cried and cried the whole night until I cried myself to sleep.

*~end flashback~*

Harry's POV

I really couldn't help myself. She is just so fit and everything about her makes me happy. Her voice, laugh, smile, eyes, hair, just everything. I wanted her to be mine now and forever. I didn't feel the way with her I did with every other girl. I felt warm and tingly when he hugged me. When she got close to me. I just had to kiss her. I know it sounded cheesy and stuff like the whole love at first sight thing. But it truly was. I know she has Niall but I can treat her so much better than him. I took her into a spare room and kissed her. Before I leaned in to kiss her she yelled but it subsided after I kissed her. She tried to pull away but I pulled her back in. I need to express to her how I feel about her. Niall and Liam came busting through the door as soon as I kissed her. Niall of course was ranting on about "why did I do it" and "she tried to get away" and he hit me. I did deserve that though. But I wasn't listing, or going to hit Niall back, I was only paying attention to her. She blankly stared off into space and then she burst out in tears. Niall and I were asking Liam what was happening since he was the one that is related to her. All he said was "She is getting a flashback". A flash back? A flashback of what?
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