He's My Superman

Hanna has a terrible life. Everday when she gets home her dad beats her. One day he goes to far so Hanna runs far away until she meets a blond hair blue eyed boys. How does a change her life? Does her dad find her? Read to find out!



Chapter 17

I looked back at Liam then back to the house, I really didn't want to go in there. Niall will just tell me how he just used me for a couple days then found a absolutely gorgeous model that he up and fucked. Why does life have to be so hard? Like really, why can't everything be simple? My aunt always told me that life is a bitch, and I guess life ate its bitchy-o's this morning. Liam basically had to drag me out of his car to the flat. "Liam I don't want to go in there! What happens if Niall tells me he doesn't love me?" I said as he walked up to the front door. "Then he is a dumbass." He said simply. 

We waked in and the house was pitch black. Liam has millions of dollars, why does he want to save money by turning if every dongle source of light in this room? Millions of things were running through my head n five seconds. Like how would Liam strangle Niall to death, or how he could cheat on someone like that. And why he didn't bother to find me for three hours when I was sobbing so loud that Russia could hear me? All questions that bombarded my mind at that very moment. Liam unlocked the door then took off my jacket and put it on the chair beside the door. He flicked in the light and thousands of people appeared in front of me. "MOTHER FLACKING JESUS!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. They all laughed really hard while screaming "Happy Birthday!!" Oh, well I feel like an idiot now. That probably was recorded too. Que embarrassing video my children will probably watch a million times...

I threw my hand over my no pith preventing me from saying anything else that will embarrass me even more. Lou ran up to me and captured me into a bone crushing hug. "Happy 19th Hannah Banana!" He screamed as Eleanor pried him off of me. Liam hugged me from the side and whispered "See, Niall wasn't avoiding you." Ok I feel like crap right now. Why would I think  that Niall cheated on me? He has been nothing but loving to me, yup I am probably the stupidest person on earth right now. Niall has told me he loves me and the few weeks I have spent with him and Liam have been magical. No worries, no pain, no questions, no hardship. And I questioned Niall's love for me? Niall came up and engulfed me in the biggest Horan Hug that he has even given me. "I M so sorry for avoiding you today baby, it's just I knew I would let it slip if I was with you all day. And Hannah I'm s-"

I cut him off with my finger on his pink lips. "Kiss me you fool." I said as I crash my lips onto his. He was shocked at first but he soon kissed back. It was an amazing moment, it was a soft het passionate kiss. That soon turned into a full on snog..... but it got interrupted  by an awkward looking Liam and Zayn and Louis screaming "GET IT IN THERE NIALL!!" Immature as always I see. The embarrassment meter was on like a million. My face was crimson and Niall just had a prideful smile on his face, figures. Liam sent him a scowl and he threw his hands up in defense "It was pretty great man" he said. Liam just rolled his eyes and started talking to Danielle.

I looked around to see millions of celebrities like Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, and Ed- OH MY GREAT JESUS, THERE GOES MY OVARIES,!!,!! ED FLACKING SHEERAN IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! I CAN DIE PEACEFULLY NOW! I started to have a major fan girl moment. No one could understand what I was saying because I was screaming and talking so fast. Like it was so bad that Niall had to drag me out of the room, wow. "Hannah, what the hell was that?" He asked. " E-E-Ed S-Sheeran." I stuttered in shock. He tried to understand what I said and then he broke out into a non-stop fit of laughter. "G-God Hannah." He said. I just stood there and and didn't know what to do.  Mean my boyfriend is laughing at my fan girl moment while the Ginger Jesus himself is standing in my cousins house for MY party. This is serious chiz man. 

"Niallllllll! Stop laughing at me!" I whinnied and it just made him laugh harder. Liam opened the bedroom door and asked what was wrong. "Liam, you know my obsession with him. And you expect me not to almost die when I see him." I said in a duh tone. "Oh, wait. Were you fan girling Hannah?" He asked as he began to chuckle . "Um yea..." I said.

The door began to open even more and I saw him



And guess what happened next. My ass fainted.

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