Christmas Wishes

Moving can be a really hard time, especially for Aria Winters. She moves from California to New York. She starts off rough, but eventually starts to fit in, because of one boy? But what happens when things go too far...


3. You're Too Cute

"Aria! Were going out to eat!" I heard my dad yell from the bottom of the stairs. I placed my feet on the floor and looked into the mirror making sure I looked okay. I grabbed my purse and stuck my phone inside of it, I grabbed the doorknob on my door and opened it. I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. "Where are we eating? I'm starving, I didn't uh eat lunch..." I said looking down hoping they didn't ask me why. My parents walked past me to the front door, I followed slowly behind them shutting the front door behind me. We all got into the car and drove off to the restaurant  "And to answer your question Aria, were eating at an Italian restaurant, it's a bit high class, so be on your best behavior." My mom said turning around in her seat to face me. I laughed and shook my head, I'm always on my best behavior, i'm very well behaved, but people here however, are NOT. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window as we drove down the busy streets of New York.





The car came to a stop and I looked out the window at the restraunt, there were tons of people at it, and I hated crowds. I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the car door before stepping out, I shivered a little, it was freezing here. I walked towards the front door with my arms crossed trying to keep warm. I opened the door and held it open for my parents, we all walked in and looked at the hostess, "Hi how many?" She said in a sweet tone, she seemed friendly and looked about my age, as a matter of fact, I think I knew her. "Uhm, three, and didn't I see you today at school? At uhm, Niall's table?" I asked raising one of my eyebrows as I uncrossed my arms. "Yeah, you're Aria, i'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzie, hey sorry if you felt uncomfortable today, there was drama at the table today. It's not usually like that, there follow me." She said grabbing three menus and leading us to a table, I followed right behind her and sat on one side of the table by myself. "So, see you at lunch tomorrow? Right, I promise you'll love all of us. Bye Aria!" She said smiling as she waved. I nodded my head letting her know I'd sit there tomorrow. I watched my mom and dad sit down across from me and stare at me, "Well she seems very bubbly and friendly, and what happened today?" My dad asked as he looked at the menu. I swallowed hard and acted like I didn't hear him, my dad liked talking about things, too much. I didn't like to talk about things with him, it was just awkward. I continued to look at my menu and saw my dad look at me, I sat the menu down and looked back at him. "Oh, yeah she does. Oh and nothing, just awkward silence I guess. So what'll you be having, I think i'll eat the Fettuccine Alfredo." I said smiling as I pointed to the picture of it. I saw a waiter come up and introduce himself to us, "Hello, my name is Harry, i'll be your waiter for the day, what can I get you to drink?" Harry? I know that name, he's one of the ones at the lunch table. I looked up at him and then looked away quickly, my parents ordered their drinks then looked at me, and so did Harry. "Oh uhm, i'll just take a sweet tea, with extra lemons please.." I said as I continued looking down, I finally looked up and saw Harry writing down the orders then looked at me. He pointed his pen at me and began talking, "Hey, you're the new girl at school, I remember you, well I don't know you, but never mind uh, i'll go get your drinks now." He said walking away and smiling at me. I smiled and looked at my parents who had their eyes planted on me. "Well looks like you're miss popular around here." My mom said smirking at me, I giggled a little and looked at her. "Mom it's only like 3 people, that's not making me popular." I said as I saw Harry walk up with our drinks. He handed them to the correct person and I gave him a sweet smile, "Thank you Harold." I said giggling a little. He laughed and asked us what we wanted to eat, "I'll be having the Fettuccine Alfredo please." I said handing him the menu and looking at my parents as they ordered. "I'll have your food right out." Harry said sweetly with a smile, I giggled a little and looked at him as he walked away and looked back at my dad, who was giving me the evil eye. "What?" I said slumping down in the chair, he shook his head and looked at my mom. I shrugged my shoulders and took out my phone noticing I had a message from Alyssa, and a missed call. I smiled and read the message,   


From: BesttFrannd!* Hey girl, your first day outfit, it's totally HOT, i hope you're enjoying it up there, hopefully i'll see ya soon. love ya sis, ttyl xoxo

I smiled as I read the message over and over before typing a reply to her.

To: BesttFrannd!* Alyssa! There are some totally cute boys down here, no lie! I'll call you late and tell you everything, i'm at dinner with the parents now, can't talk love ya, xoxo.  


I sent the message and stuck the phone back into my purse and took a drink of my sweet tea, I added the lemons into it one by one, along with some sugar. I looked at my parents and watched them as they talked, they paid no attention to me, I looked around the restaurant and tried to find people I knew. I noticed Harry telling me to come where he was I turned to look at my parents, "Hey, i'll be back, i'm gonna go, to the.. restroom." I said standing up from the table and walking over to Harry, making sure my parents didn't see. "Yes Harold?" I said giggling as I stood in front of him, he turned to look at me and smiled, "Hey, so what happened today at lunch, I know it was probably something about it being awkward or you felt you didn't fit in. But anyway, it was only like that because things happened over the weekend, but sit with us tomorrow. You'll fit right in, and plus i'll be there." He said giving me a smirk and then winking. I crossed my arms and giggled at him, "Well, what if I didn't want you there? Nah i'm kidding i'll be there, see you tomorrow kid." I said as I started to walk away shaking my head, I felt him grab onto my arm and I turned to look at him. "Take my number, text me sometime." He said handing me a piece of paper, I grabbed it and gave him a smile before walking back to my table.I stuck the piece of paper in my purse making sure my parents didn't see. They were so strict about me dating boys, or getting close to a boy, so they couldn't know anything. I looked up from my purse and smiled at my parents, I saw Harry holding a tray of food and imagined him dropping it all, which caused me to literally laugh out loud. I put my hands over my mouth and saw everyone starring at me, I cleared my throat and looked at Harry as he walked over to our table. "Fettucine Alfredo for the lovely lady, Ravioli for the handsome husband, and Spaghetti and meatballs for the lovely wife." He said sitting each plate in front of us, I smiled at him a little before talking, "This looks great, thanks Harold." I said as I grabbed my fork and began eating.     




I finished my food as did my parents, Harry brought us the check and my dad gave him the credit card, Harry walked away and I looked at my parents, "We've got a bit of a long drive back, so i'm gonna go to bathroom, and so is your mother." My dad said as they started getting up, I waved to them as the walked to the bathroom. I saw Harry come back with the card and he sat across from me, I looked at him oddly before grabbing the pen off the check thing, and a napkin. "Here's my number, you text me, I don't ever text first." I said smiling as I handed him the napkin, he laughed a little and stood up from the booth and stood above me. "Fancy, writing your number on a napkin." I hit him a little on his arm and giggled, I saw my parents coming towards the table, "See you tomorrow Harold, oh here's a tip." I said handing him some money out of my wallet, he smiled and waved to me as I grabbed the credit card and walked over to my parents. "Here's the credit card, and I already handled the tip. Let's go." I said opening the door for them to walk out of, I turned and waved to Harry one last time. I walked to the car smiling and hopped in, I buckled my seat belt and we drove off.




We got home and I ran up to my room, shutting the door softly behind me, I grabbed my diary and wrote a new entry. 


Dear diary, I just got back from an Italian restaurant with my parents, and guess what?! I saw two kids from school there, Elizabeth, and Harry. Harry's such a cutie, and a sweetheart, I have his number, i'm not sure how that happened, but he's a total flirt, really. But he's so cute! I don't know if I like him, but i think i do! But I forgot all about Niall, he's such a gentleman, and he's cute, but he lives across from me, that's just weird, so yeah, I think i'm gonna get used to this school, Gotta go Diary! Write you soon!

xoxoxo ; Aria Michelea Wells, (: <3   


 I threw the diary down on the bed and walked over to the window looking out into the neighborhood. "Tomorrow, i'm going to school as a new person, everyone will love me, and Harry, you're too cute." I said to myself as I shut the curtain to my window and sat on my bed. I looked at the time and saw it was 9 o'clock, I stood up from my bed and grabbed some black shorts and a pink Victorias Secret shirt, I slipped them on and pulled my hair into a bun. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and sat it on my bedside table next to me hoping to get a text from Harry soon. I laid there and looked at the ceiling, eventually falling into a deep sleep.  


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