Christmas Wishes

Moving can be a really hard time, especially for Aria Winters. She moves from California to New York. She starts off rough, but eventually starts to fit in, because of one boy? But what happens when things go too far...


1. All I Want For Christmas Is You


"i'm going to miss you so much Aria! Why do you have to leave?" my best friend Alyssa was bawling her eyes out right now, I was leaving the state today, or technically right now, and it was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I love it here in California, this is my hometown and the last thing I ever wanted to do was leave, but my parents had a different idea. They wanted to start a new life, a new city, now that I had a baby brother on the way. "I'll miss you extremely Alyssa, you've been here for me since we were in diapers, I'll always talk to you online, I love you sis, i promise no one will ever replace our friendship." I said giving her one last hug goodbye as I walked towards the car. I stopped at the door and turned around and waved to Alyssa one last time before getting in. I sat down in the backseat of the car and looked out at the window at Alyssa, tears fell from my face, I was really going to miss her. I covered my face with my jacket as we drove off, I put my earphones in my ears and dozed off into my own world. I grabbed my diary that I had kept for 2 years, the color on it was almost completely faded, and it was about to fall apart, but it had all of my memories in it, and deepest secrets. I grabbed a pen and started to write.  


Dear diary, today was the day, moving day, i hate leaving my best friend here, but my parents say it's for the best. I don't understand why we couldn't have waited until the semester was over though? Idk, i guess hopefully i'll meet new people.. Well i gotta go, i'm dozing off listening to this music. Diary thank you so much for being here for me through the years, you keep all of my memories safe with you and my secrets as well. I'm glad I can trust you, well goodbye diary.

xoxo ; Aria Michelea Wells (:


  I sighed as I sat the diary down next to me, I laid my head down on the door of the car as we drove to New York, this was going to be a long trip. I slowly fell asleep a couple of minutes later.   


~  ~


I woke up hours later, I looked outside the window and saw big buildings, a lot of cars, and so many people, we must be in New York. I took the headphones out of my ear and shut off the music leaning up to my mom, who was sitting in the passenger seat. "Is this it? Is this New York?" She looked at me and nodded her head as she smiled. I leaned back in the seat of the car and waited for us to pull into the driveway of the house, which I hadn't seen yet. I felt the car come to a complete stop, I looked out my window and saw a big what looked like, two story house. I jumped out of the car and looked at the house up and down, "Wow! Didn't think we'd be getting a house this big!" I said smiling as I looked at my mom and dad. We all stood together and admired the house before walking into it. "Okay hunny, you can pick which room you get, but not the master." My dad said giving me a wink, I laughed as I started walking around the house. I walked into each room trying to find the biggest one. I walked into one that had a big window in it, with a bathroom attached as well. I walked around the room then into the bathroom admiring it. "This one's mine!" I said walking out of the room and pointing at it making sure my parent saw. They gave me a thumbs up letting me know it was okay. I smiled as I walked downstairs to help them un pack.


 ~ ~  


 As I was getting boxes out of the moving truck, I saw a couple of boys that looked about my age walking towards me. I acted like I didn't recognize them as I started to walk towards the front door. "Hey! Girl." One of the boys yelled and I turned around slowly looking at them as they walked towards me. "Yes?" I said still holding the box as I studied the three boys standing before me. "You must be new here." The boy with blonde hair said. I looked at them, Obviously, why else would I have a big moving truck and a bunch of furniture? I gave them a little smirk and smiled. "Uh yeah, i just moved here, from California. I'm Aria by the way, Aria Wells. And you three are?" I said as I sat the box down on the doorstep of the front door. "I'm Niall, this is Liam, and that's Zayn." The boy, well Niall said pointing to the boys. I gave them a little smile and waved at them. "Well it's nice to meet you three, but if you'll excuse me, i've got to get unpacking." I said picking the box back up and began walking into the house leaving the three boys outside. I saw them wave goodbye as I walked inside the house, I shook my head a little and sat the box down on the floor and continued unpacking.  


~ ~  


I started unacking all of the boxes in my room once my dad got my bed put together and I moved it where I wanted it. I opened a box full of pictures and picture frames that were hung up in my old room. I smiled as I looked at each picture, most of them were of me and Alyssa. I came across a picture of me and my ex, Trey, he was one of the best things I had, but things change, and so do people. I sighed, but hung it up anyway. I finished putting up all of the pictures and smiled as I studied the room. I got my zebra print comforter and placed it on my bed along with all of my pillows. I finished un packing everything in my room, why? because I didn't want to have to do it tomorrow, everything should get done today so you don't have to do anything the next day. "ARIA! Come down here please!" I walked towards the door and began walking downstairs, "What do you wan-, oh hi.." I said seeing guests downstairs, Niall and what looked like his family? "Aria, these are the Horan's, Niall said you two have met, this is his mom, his dad, and his brother. This is my daughter Aria." My mom said pointing to each one of the family members. I gave them all a little wave and smiled, "It's nice to meet you all."  I said crossing my arms looking at my mom and dad, they knew I didn't want to meet new people the day we moved in. "So how old are you Aria?" I heard Niall ask, I looked up from the floor and at him. "Oh, I'm sixteen, you?" He looked at me and let out a little smile, "Same, so you must be a sophomore?" He said looking at me, I gave him a smile and shook my head. "Well it was nice meeting you Jim, Martha and Aria, see you around." I waved to them as they walked out the door, I shut the door after they all walked out and turned to my mom and dad crossing my arms again. "Didn't I tell you, I didn't want to meet any one the first day? And besides where do they live?" I asked them as I began to put up my hair. "I know honey, but Niall said he had already met you, and they live across the street." My mom said walking towards me placing her hand on my shoulder. I sighed and nodded my head before walking back upstairs, it was getting late and I was tired, I didn't even feel like eating. "I'm gonna head up stairs and go to sleep, all this moving wore me out, goodnight love you mom, love you dad." I said giving them kisses on the cheek and started walking upstairs. I started school tomorrow, but luckily I didn't have to be there normal time because I haven't enrolled yet. I changed into my pj's and turned off my light switch as I turned on some peaceful music before heading to bed.

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