Take Me Back to summer '09

When Carson's father gets fired from his job in America, they move to England so that Carson's mother, Nina can pursue her dream as a clothing designer. Little do they know that they are moving in next to the future pop star, Liam Payne.

Carson and Liam finally meet the morning after the move, Liam is shocked by her and almost makes a fool of himself when she saves him. About a month later, they declare their best friendship, over the summer, they spend everyday together, growing closer and closer, staying out late to watch the sun set, play Carson's favorite video games, and watch Toy Story.

Carson and Liam are hanging out in the field outside of Carson's house when they hear thunder. But, what Liam didn't know, is Carson's bad history with thunder - she almost got electrocuted - and Carson begins to sob.

Liam does the only thing he can think of doing, he kisses her... Starting their summer romance, Liam and Carson begin to fall more and more for each other with each passing day.


4. The Pinky Promise

Take Me Back to summer '09 (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Chapter 4 - The Pinky Promise

                The days started to go by slowly and I needed Liam more and more just to get through the day. My mom made me get a job at the local library and I worked there Monday to Wednesday from ten to six, so Liam and I hung out there, making each other laugh.


                He came with me every day and we got a new babysitter for the weekdays that we had to work. Liam didn’t mind not having a job, but he wanted to be able to work with me and help me out, so I got him a job at the library with me until school starts up again and they take back their regular workers.


                Liam and I begin to grow closer and closer until one day at the library…


                “Hey, can you put this away for me, Liam?” I queried him; he bobbed his head at me and took the book lightly out of my hand, whisking it off to the correct bookshelf. I made him put away all of the books while I stood behind the cash register because I had no clue what the Dewey Decimal System was…


                “Sure can, my weird, blond, unfortunate best friend,” Liam beamed with a twinkle in his eyes and of course, him calling me his best friend made my day. I didn’t know what to say, so I merely wrapped my short arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.


                He wrapped his arms around me too and leaned down to my ear, “You’re my best friend, you know that?” he whispered gently in my ear. Some masochistic part of me brought up my old best friends from Huston, but I pushed them away and let the tears fall down my face.


                “You’re my best friend too, Liam!” I yelped in a sob, I felt his arms wrap tighter around my waist and he grinned against my shoulder. He chuckled against my shoulder and I felt a warm, wet feeling fall against it. I pulled away from Liam and just as I expected, he was crying with joy too.


                I whipped away his tears and kissed his cheek. “Best friends forever,” I whispered hoarsely in a childish voice, holding my pinky out to Liam, he took it.


                “Best friends forever!”


                The hours went by quickly after that and I began to doze off, “Hey, don’t fall asleep, we only have a few more minutes…” he trailed off, we had decided to work a bit later because one of the night shifters called off. It was extra money, there’s no way we could pass it up, it’s not like our parents gave us any money!


                I pried my tired eyes open and glued them to the door which hadn’t opened once in three hours. The library was dark and smelled of old paper and rotting books. It was very rare we got any new books in and there had only been one shipment in the last month.


                When it was finally closing time, I wasn’t sure if I could drive home and Liam didn’t have his license. I tried to talk him into driving us back to my place, even without a license, but even half asleep, that didn’t work.


                I breathed out heavily and got in the driver’s seat while Liam climbed in the passenger seat next to me. Going ten miles per hour, we made it home in thirty minutes. Liam made me go slow so we wouldn’t crash too hard if I fell asleep while driving. He also made me keep my bright lights on so people would see us.


                We stumbled through the door and down the hall way to my brightly colored bed room, both of us ended up passing out on opposite sides of my bed. I stayed at the head and Liam at the feet.


                We didn’t wake up until the next morning when my dad’s hysterical laughing woke us out of slumber. He pointed to me on Liam’s chest and Liam’s arm around my head, completely coving my eyes and forehead. I chuckled and sat up as Liam did to.


                “Your mom told me that you two were too tired to eat dinner,” my dad yawned out and I got up, checking the time. He wasn’t the one to wake us up, but he always checked on me at night to make sure I made it home OK or I was asleep and not on the computer or something.


                Ok, so how was this chapter? OK? Horrid? Decent?


                I started writing the next chapter before I wrote this one, so I stopped and I’m like… I should probably add a chapter in between these two… so nothing really happened in this chapter. I guess you could say it was a filler chapter..! (: Yes, the next chapter will be more eventful!


If you checked out the trailer on the first chapter ( I have two ) it tells you what’s going to be happening without giving away the end because I have something special planned for the end! The one on the second chapter is telling you all of the characters and stuff. Both are about three minutes long! :)


Next chapter should be out soon! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!


Don’t be a silent reader!! :D

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