Take Me Back to summer '09

When Carson's father gets fired from his job in America, they move to England so that Carson's mother, Nina can pursue her dream as a clothing designer. Little do they know that they are moving in next to the future pop star, Liam Payne.

Carson and Liam finally meet the morning after the move, Liam is shocked by her and almost makes a fool of himself when she saves him. About a month later, they declare their best friendship, over the summer, they spend everyday together, growing closer and closer, staying out late to watch the sun set, play Carson's favorite video games, and watch Toy Story.

Carson and Liam are hanging out in the field outside of Carson's house when they hear thunder. But, what Liam didn't know, is Carson's bad history with thunder - she almost got electrocuted - and Carson begins to sob.

Liam does the only thing he can think of doing, he kisses her... Starting their summer romance, Liam and Carson begin to fall more and more for each other with each passing day.


1. Strange Meetings

Take Me Back to summer ‘09 (One Direction Fan Fiction)
Chapter 1 - Strange Meetings...

I stared at the light shining bright, like a star caught in yesterday with its beating might. I watched the sun move for an entire day, just daydreaming of what could never be. I collected myself as I watched the brilliant birds fly away for the winter, just as I wish I could, just I as I dreamed in the day that I could… just fly away.

Some days, there’s a blister where my heart used to be. It just won’t burst open and heal, it just stays blistered. Some days, I feel as if I don’t care what you say and do. Others, damn does it feel like you punctured a lung and I can’t breathe. I’m gasping for air, begging for you to lessen the constriction. For some reason, some masochistic part of me likes the blister, yearns for the constriction, and cries for you.

That’s enough stalling; I guess I should start from the beginning. The first day of summer break ’09, the first day of living in my new house.

“Do what?” I questioned. I was still staring at the laptop screen as my mother rattled off things for me to do while she was at work. I bobbed as she continued to babble. My mother didn’t stop rambling for me to write anything down. Deep down inside, I knew that she knew I wouldn’t get any of this done.

“Remember to…” she continued in her motherly babbling ways. I continued to move my head up and down as she chattered about things that meant absolutely nothing to me. My mother’s brown eyes twinkled in envy and I knew she was thinking, ‘if you get to stay home, I should too!’ but of course that wasn’t happening. It was her first day of work, and she knew that she couldn’t just leave me.

“We’re going to be late if you aren’t down here in the next five minutes, Susan! Dear God, you are slower than my grandma without her walker, let’s go!” my father hollered up the steps to my mother. My mother let out a deep breath of air and stomped out of my room like a pissed off puppy shouting obscenities at my father.

Ignoring my parents as I usually do, too caught up in my teen years to care that they won’t be here forever. I should start minding them, I thought. A bubbly laugh escaped me, “Yeah right! I’ll mind my parents when they stop acting like children, and finally start acting like adults!” I notified my dog. “Right, Sparky, baby?” I queried him in my very girly voice.

Sparky stared at me, his eyes questioning me one simple sentence. Although not even I could answer him, they read: are you crazy? I shrugged at Sparky, a beaming smile on my lips. Sparky and my other dog, Chummy, woofed joyfully in unison together.

I beamed at the lot of them, “Want to help me with those chores, Chummy old chum?” I bade him. Chummy continued to woof happily. I took the woof as a solid yes and I grinned at the two dogs. “Then let’s do this thang!” I yelled victoriously and jumped out of my computer chair, competing with the dogs to get to their leashes.

I ran down the spiral staircase, the big golden retriever right in front of me. I tittered, Chummy old chum! The little shih tzu right on our tail. Poor Sparky, such short legs, so much energy...

I pushed Chummy out the way and made it down the stairs first. Whooping victoriously I cried, “Oh, what now, Chummy old chum! I whooped yo’ ace!” I picked up the leash and put in on Sparky. I went to grab Chummy’s, realizing it wasn’t there; I looked at him to see him staring at something – or rather someone. The leash was in Chummy’s mouth, he let it fall at the stranger’s feet.

“Who are you?” I questioned the boy. He smiled at me, a small but welcoming smile – I was still hesitant due to obvious reasons. The biggest one pressing my mind... There’s a strange person in my house that is not me!

He chuckled, curly brown hair falling in front of his brown eyes, “Your mom sent me to help you watch your little brothers.” I stared at him, expecting him to say his name. He only stared back at me for a second before realization smacked him in the face, “Oh! My name’s Liam, sorry!”

“Carson,” I told him, as he smiled at me.

I sniggered at him; I didn’t mean to laugh at his failure… I lied to myself. A smirk on my face, I outstretched my hand. He took it, shaking it slightly.

Hiya! Thanks for reading, I need girls/boys/people for the rest of the boys! If you want to be Liam’s (for a short period of time, at first you start out as Carson’s really good friend) gf/bf, or Harry’s (throughout the story) gf/bf, Niall gf/bf (throughout the story), Zayn’s (we need two for Zayn, the first one that applies will not be his permanent girlfriend, but will instead be famous, AND Carson’s best friend! The second one will be his permanent girlfriend), and Louis’ (only problem is that after she becomes his permanent girlfriend, Carson’s starts to hate you…)

If you want to apply to be one of the boys’ girlfriends/boyfriends, then there will be another story on my page titled ‘Casting for a One Direction Fan Fiction!’ everyone is welcome, even boys (I did say boyfriend and girlfriend, right? I thought so..!) So, sign up there! Thanks guys! :D
Oh, and should I make this a Fan Fiction / Humor or Fan Fiction / Romance..?


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