Take Me Back to summer '09

When Carson's father gets fired from his job in America, they move to England so that Carson's mother, Nina can pursue her dream as a clothing designer. Little do they know that they are moving in next to the future pop star, Liam Payne.

Carson and Liam finally meet the morning after the move, Liam is shocked by her and almost makes a fool of himself when she saves him. About a month later, they declare their best friendship, over the summer, they spend everyday together, growing closer and closer, staying out late to watch the sun set, play Carson's favorite video games, and watch Toy Story.

Carson and Liam are hanging out in the field outside of Carson's house when they hear thunder. But, what Liam didn't know, is Carson's bad history with thunder - she almost got electrocuted - and Carson begins to sob.

Liam does the only thing he can think of doing, he kisses her... Starting their summer romance, Liam and Carson begin to fall more and more for each other with each passing day.


3. Start of the Start

Take Me Back to summer '09 (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Chapter 3 - Start of the Start

That night I went to bed, a grin on my tired face and hopes of seeing Liam again the next morning when I woke up. When I finally did wake up, I glanced at the clock on my night stand, it read 10:46.

Liam was supposed to be here at ten, so I could only hope he wasn’t late as I got up, got dressed and hopped down the stairs in my bunny slippers and a form of pajamas. When I got to the bottom, Liam must have heard me because I heard him shout, “In the kitchen.”

I dashed into the kitchen, almost tumbling over my own feet a few times and practically falling on my bum once or twice on the short stroll to the kitchen. When I arrived at the kitchen entrance, I straightened myself up and fixed my gait before waltzing over to Liam’s side as he slaved over a stove.

“I thought I’d make you breakfaster – well, you and your brother’s that is,” he said coyly. I shined a small smile at him and bobbed my head.

“That’s nice of you, Liam, I wish I could repay you for doing all of this,” I said and plucked a crispy piece of bacon off of the plate before placing it smoothly on my tongue. Getting the full blast of flavor, I nearly moaned. I lamented as I swallowed the crispy but delicious piece of bacon – and this is coming from the girl that hates crispy bacon.

“If I teach you how to dance, you have to teach me how to cook,” I whimpered as I put another piece in my mouth. He tittered at me and popped one in his mouth too. He smiled in slight satisfaction; I could tell he was proud of his work.

“Will do, and this is pretty good, isn’t it,” he asked rhetorically. I nodded at him, even though he didn’t actually ask me, it was more of a statement.

The shaggy, brown haired boy grinned meekly at me and I grinned fully back. I could tell he was shy. “Your mother didn’t really give us much to do except baby sit. But, since I get paid by the hour, why don’t we talk and eat?” he questioned, I grinned at him as I heard the pitter patter of feet tromp down the steps. I was surprised they got out of bed without me.

My two little brother's appeared in the door, feeling around with their walking sticks and moving it across the ground, guiding it so they didn’t run into anything. “Morning, Xavier, morning Trenton,” I said enthusiastically to the both of them and they grinned what they figured was my direction. Which was pretty darn close if I do say so myself. Their sense of hearing was excellent, unlike their eyesight, but of course. They are blind…

“Morning, Carson,” the two said back to me in unison, their glazed over brown eyes twinkled.

“Morning,” Liam said and both of the boys looked at him – in their blind kind of way. Staring in his direction but not exactly at him, I saw Liam squirm a little bit although I knew he had no problem with the boys, but most people – like Liam – were a bit freaked out when they stared at them with their sightless eyes, which they seemed to do a lot to people anymore…

“Morning, Liam,” Xavier said emotionlessly. Xavier was always very emotionless and quiet, yet outgoing and a joy to be around. While Trenton on the other hand always had twinkling blind eyes, yet he was boisterous and loud, yet quiet and reserved, they were just like each other yet so different in so many ways.

“Morning, Liam,” Trenton stumbled out the word and Liam and I grinned at him. Knowing his sightless eyes couldn’t tell.

“Alright, let’s eat,” I announced and sat down at the dinner table after leading both the boys to plates full of food. They scarfed it down almost immediately – so skinny yet such eaters.

Liam and I watched the two boys in amusement as we worked on a cup of orange juice and a toast sandwich with all the fixes. They always surprised me at how much they ate. It stupefied me on where it all went as they were so tiny…

“And she got a tattoo, that says she,” I paused as the song did to before resuming where I was, “Really doesn’t like you,” I sang as Liam and I cleaned up the dishes after breakfast. The boys went up to their room to play with some toys and read something (brail, of course).

Liam looked over at me and tittered at my horrid singing, “Like you could do better,” I challenged him, he beamed at me and nodded.

“Is that a challenge?” he questioned, I bobbed my head at the brown haired boy, grinning in a playful way. He nodded back at me.

“Challenge accepted, but if I do better than you, we get to play twenty questions,” he said and I merely bopped my head at him. Knowing I was going to fail miserably as he started. I frowned and pouted until he finished. Liam merely shrugged at me threw the last of the dishes into the sink before grabbing my forearm and pulling me into the living room.

I shook my head as we sat down, “Who starts?” I questioned him and he nodded in my direction. There are so many things I don’t know about him and so many things I want to know…

I started off with the simple, “What’s your full name?”

Liam answered me simply and firmly as he relaxed back into the couch, Love Drunk playing lightly in the background, “Liam James Payne,” he stated before asking a question of his own, “Full name?”

I chuckled at him, answering him with my full name including my middle name, “Carlinson Payton Charleston,” I said with a raging blush and Liam chuckled and nodded at me.

We ended up played ‘twenty’ questions for like four hours until my mom got home, paid Liam and left us all alone.

The rest of the days went on like that, breakfast, chores, feeding the boys, babysitting when they needed it and playing twenty questions. Each day we learned more and more about each other until we one day were fully out of questions to ask each other. That was the day that it all started to start.

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