Take Me Back to summer '09

When Carson's father gets fired from his job in America, they move to England so that Carson's mother, Nina can pursue her dream as a clothing designer. Little do they know that they are moving in next to the future pop star, Liam Payne.

Carson and Liam finally meet the morning after the move, Liam is shocked by her and almost makes a fool of himself when she saves him. About a month later, they declare their best friendship, over the summer, they spend everyday together, growing closer and closer, staying out late to watch the sun set, play Carson's favorite video games, and watch Toy Story.

Carson and Liam are hanging out in the field outside of Carson's house when they hear thunder. But, what Liam didn't know, is Carson's bad history with thunder - she almost got electrocuted - and Carson begins to sob.

Liam does the only thing he can think of doing, he kisses her... Starting their summer romance, Liam and Carson begin to fall more and more for each other with each passing day.


5. Coffee and Big Dogs

 Take Me Back to summer '09 (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Chapter 5 - Coffee and Big Dogs

               Over the span of three weeks, Liam and I stayed out late at night watching the sunset all the way until we could see every star in the sky, then we’d play video games and talk while watching Toy Story. It was an exuberant time for the both of us.


                Until we got jaded by the same thing over and over again, uninterested enough to do something fresh unlike playing video games every day and watching Toy Story – not that I didn’t enjoy watching Toy Story with Liam, but it became timeworn after a while.


                Then again, anything was fun with Liam. We decided to risk it and do something that my parent’s had frowned upon for years. We were going to get tattoos. Of course, I wasn’t sure which one of us would chicken out first. But, I knew one of use would.


                We weren’t really sure what we were going to get just yet, but we knew it had to be something wroth while, especially if this means getting grounded – if we get caught that is. I knew I wasn’t going to get caught, not by anyone. I knew how to keep secrets and lie, and then there’s Liam…


                My crazy best friend that can’t lie to save his life, poor sap… He’s still a child at heart and getting caught red handed was something that he hated. Don’t ask me how I knew because I’m going to tell you anyways. I caught him checking out my mom when nobody was looking, I mean, it’s not something big and I had to laugh, it was so cute, the way a blush came onto his face…


                The way he stammered out the words, “She looks a lot like you…” then realized what he said. I wanted to smack him, but I had to laugh. It’s not like I didn’t get him back for checking out my mom, anyways…


                I walked over to Liam, grinning at him like a retarded penguin, “Do you have the appointment yet?” I queried him and he smirked at me – which is unusual for him – and bobbed his head up and down slowly.


                “Yeah, next Wednesday,” he whispered grinning back at me, the same childish look on his own face. I wanted jump up and hug the crap out of him! So, you know what? That’s exactly what I did. I wrapped my petite arms around his neck tightly and he snaked his own around my waist, keeping me there.


                “Are you going to chicken out?” he queried me in a hushed tone and I shrugged at him before breaking our hug. One of us will…


                “No, but you’re going to,” I challenged him.


                Liam smirked at me, raising one of his brown eyebrows at me in a questioned fashion. He mouthed the words, Oh, really? At me while shaking his head. “Oh, yeah, you’re going to lose!” I yelped victoriously in satisfaction.


                Liam’s brown eyes twinkled and glowed at me, a hint of perception deep in his chocolate pools. His brown wavy hair shined in the light that my kitchen light let off as we stood next to the table, coffee already made. Steam wafted out of the delicate cup and waved its way into our nostrils, making us crave its dark almost black stream.


                I picked up the delicately hand painted cup and put it to my lips, nodding at Liam as the black liquid rushed into my mouth and down my throat, making me sigh in satisfaction. Liam merely watched me as I moaned in morning pleasure.


                I stared at Liam’s face out of the corner of my eye as his face got read, I let another swallow scold my throat and I could tell as soon as I moaned again, Liam was going to crack up. So, I did, and was I right! Liam’s laughter bubbled out of him like jets in a hot tub! It was so funny that he had me laughing along with him.


                “What are you two laughing at?” Xavier queried as he turned the corner, Liam and I merely continued our bubbling laughter. Liam’s face grew red from lack of air and my only guess was that I looked like a tomato too…


                We both gulped in air as we continued to laugh at something that wasn’t all that funny to begin with. Once we finally settled down, Liam looked around for his cup of coffee, which I had drank in the midst of our laughter, “Where’s my coffee?” he questioned me.


                “A big dog came and drank it,” I muttered back, not leaving a hint of I’m lying on my face.


                “A dog?”


                “A big one…”


                Since this is humor, I thought I would put something a little funny in here! I hope you guys enjoy it, really, I do! :D Love you all! Thanks for reading! This was going to have a bit more… something in it (can’t tell you what that something is!) but I decided to put a few chapters in-between that one!

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