Bullied. - Liam Payne Fan Fic.

Liam and Samantha are best friends. Samantha is popular, and Liam is bullied all the time. She loves Liam and he loves her too. But what will happen when he goes to x factor and gets put into a band? Will they confess their love for each other?


3. Yes!

Liam and I cuddled all night long in his bed, and I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I finally told him that I was in love with him. But the minute I woke up, I realized that if he made it through the auditions, I wouldn't see him for a long time. And I think that is what I was worried about most. Him forgetting about me, and finding a new girl. I was not looking forward to that.

"Sami, you okay?" Liam asked. I didn't know he had woke up, and I also didn't realize a tear was rolling down my face until Liam wiped it away with his thumb. "Why are you crying?"

I just lost it and start sobbing into his chest. "Liam, what if you make it through and forget about me?" I asked. He hugged me tighter.

"I would never forget about you." He whispered. I looked up at him and he kissed my forehead. "I could never forget about you Sami, I love you." I smiled when he said that. "Crap! We have to leave in an hour, c'mon let's get ready." He said. I jumped out of bed and headed to his bathroom to take a shower.

I took a quick shower, knowing I would just throw on some sweats and put my hair up, since we would be on a plane for hours. When I got out of the shower, I realized for forgot my clothes in Liam's room.

"Li!" I yelled, hoping he was still in his room.

"Yeah!" He yelled back.

"Can you bring me my bag? I forgot it." I yelled, it was embarrassing. I heard foot steps getting closer to the door, so I made sure my towel was wrapped tight about my body.

"Here you go, Sami." He said and smiled.

"Thanks Li." I blushed. "Well, this is embarrassing." I said and laughed. I shut the door and pulled out my sweat pants and a t shirt. I quickly got dressed and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I hated wearing my hair up, but I was going to be on a plane with my best friend for hours, so who cares? I put on some foundation and mascara. Then I headed back to his room to put on my shoes, while he got a shower and got dressed.

We quickly put our stuff in Liam's mom's car and headed to the airport. Luckily, we got there just in time, and we didn't have to wait. They called our flight number and we boarded the plane. Me and Liam got seats right next to each other, and his mom sat two rows up.

"Li, I'm really tired." I said and cuddled up to him.

He wrapped his arms around me and whispered, "Take a nap, we will be there before you know it." And then kissed my head.


I woke up to Liam lightly shaking me and whispering, "Sami, wake up. Were here!" I jumped up and grabbed my carry on bag. We got off the plane and got our bags, then we found Liam's mom. We got a cab and rode to our hotel, close to where Liam was auditioning.

"I got you two a room, and then me a room. I figured you'd want to practice since you and Sami have been practicing a lot." Liam's mom said to him, he had a smile on his face. And so did I.

"Thanks mom." He said and hugged her. Before I knew it, we were at the hotel. Liam got the room key and I followed him to the elevator. I hated those things.

"Li, you know I hate elevators!"

"Well, our room is on the last floor. Would you want to walk or ride in an elevator?" He asked. I just hugged him and closed my eyes.

"Tell me when were on the floor." I said. A few minutes passed and I thought we were stuck, but Liam finally spoke.

"Babe, were here." He said, and I ran out of the elevator as fast as I could.

"Dang, why so many floors?" I asked.

"Were in a five star hotel." He said and walked down the hall, laughing. I followed him.

"Stop laughing." I said. He finally stopped in front of a room, he swiped the key and opened the door. I stepped around him and walked into the room, it was huge. "Li, this is huge." I said, and he nodded. He didn't expect this either.

"Mom must have paid a fortune." He said, I ran to the bed and laid down.

"Mmm, it's comfy." I said and started to drift off to sleep.

"I'm ordering pizza." Liam said and I jumped up.

"You just want me awake, you know I love food. Maybe not as much as Haylee, but I love food." I said and he laughed.

"No babe. Well yeah, I want you awake. But I'm also hungry!" He said, and picked up the phone, but didn't dial a number. I laughed at him and threw him the phonebook.

"You might need that." I whispered, he mumbled a quick 'thanks.' "Pizza will be here in half an hour." He said.

"C'mon, sing for me again. The audition is tomorrow, I know you will get through, but practice for me." I said and smiled. He smiled and started to sing his song. I loved this song, and he sung it so well. I'm so proud of him. My eyes were tearing up.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, after he sung the song.

"You make me so proud, Li." I said and hugged him. "You are going to get through, I just know it."

"Thank you for believing in me, for being there, for everything Sami." He said and hugged me back.

"I'm going to put on some pajamas, I know that every we eat, we will be sleeping." I said, and walked towards the bathroom. I changed into my Batman pajama shirt, and Batman shorts. Liam loved Batman, and he hasn't seen these yet, partly because I just bought them. I walked out to see Liam paying to pizza boy, he turned around and his jaw dropped.

"Yay, the pizza is here!" I screamed. He was brought back to reality and smiled.

"Nice pajamas."

"Thought so." I winked. "Now give me some pizza!" I yelled, he laughed and put the pizza on the table.

"Help yourself." He said and walked to the bathroom. I had no idea what he was doing, but I really didn't care because I was hungry and really wanted to eat some pizza. I got two pieces and headed to the tv. I grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels. I stopped on Hannah Montana, I loved this show.

"Hannah Montana, really Sami?" Liam asked. I looked at him and this time, my jaw dropped. He was only in basketball shorts and grabbed some pizza. I quickly closed my mouth, but not before he noticed.

"Like what you see?" He asked.

"Li, when did you become so... fit?" I asked, while blushing.

He shrugged his shoulder, "I work out." He smiled and we just sat there watching Hannah Montana.

About two hours had passed and we watched Hannah Montana, and That's So Raven. He hated those shows, but he never once asked to change the channel. I looked at the clock, and it said 11:30.

"Li, c'mon, we need to go to bed. It's almost 12! You need to rest." I said and climbed under the covers. I was completely wore out, and I wanted sleep myself. He turned out the light and climbed in beside me.

"Goodnight Sami."

"Goodnight Li."


I woke up to my phone ringing uncontrollably, it was a Justin Bieber song, so I knew Ally was calling. But why so early? Then I remembered, time zones are different. I quickly picked up and answered, before the ringing woke Liam up.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Sami! Why do you sound so tired?" She asked.

"Time zones, idiot. Why are you calling?" I asked.

"Justin is in our country! Ahhh!" She screamed. 'Ugh, someone help me.' I thought.

"Wow, where is he?" I asked.

"Uh, London. Where you are..." She said.

"Yeah, if I see him I'll get an autograph." I joked.

"No you won't, I know you Sami. You don't like him as much as I do, and if you see him, you would just smile and wave." She said. So I said something I knew that I would soon regret.

"Ally, if I see him I will walk up to him and ask for an autograph. I will ask him about you, and see if he remembers you, and if he does. I will ask him to come to Wolver Hampton when he is off." I said.

"Ahhhh! Thank you Sami! How's London?" She asked.

"Good. But I have to wake Liam up and get ready. His audition is in 2 hours." I said.

"Okay, bye!"

"Bye." I said and hung up. "Geez, she can be annoying." I mumbled.

"Who?" I heard someone ask. I looked at the bed and Liam wasn't there. I looked towards the door and there he stood with McDonalds. "Thought you'd be hungry." He said and brought me some hash browns.

"Thanks Li. Go get ready, we have to leave soon." I said, while taking a bite out of my food.

He quickly showered and when I was done eating, he came out, looking handsome as ever. I secretly wished he would just ask me to be his girlfriend, but he needed to focus on this audition.

"I'm going to shower now." I said and walked passed him.

"We have to leave in an hour." He said.

I grabbed my bag and walked into the bathroom. I had an hour to shower, fix my hair, do my make up and put my clothes on. I took the quickest shower I have ever took, and was surprised I had 45 minutes to get ready. I quickly blow dried my hair and plugged up my straightener. While it was heating up, I done my make up. Foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. I straightened my hair as fast as I could, making sure it looked good, and realized I had 10 minutes left. Good. I put on some black skinny jeans, and a cute dress shirt, with my black toms. I looked good.

"Ready Li?" I asked when I walked out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, you look great!" He said and grabbed my hand. I blushed, and smiled at him.

"Lets get going!" I said and grabbed my purse. He opened the door for me to walk out first, and shut it behind him. We walked towards the elevator and I grabbed his hand. He squeezed my hand and I looked up at him.

"Don't be scared, I'm here." He said and kissed my lips. I just smiled.


When we arrived at the place Liam was auditioning, he got so nervous. But he was the first person to go on, so he could get it over with quickly. They called his name and he froze. I talked to him.

"Li, look at me." He looked down at me. "You got this! Simon told you to come back in two years, and here you are! They will love you. You're going to do great. Just pretend you're singing to me." I kissed his cheek. "Do it for me." I said and he smiled.

"For you." He whispered.

I watched him disappear and watched in the tv back stage. I was even nervous for him, but he looked so confident walking out on stage.

"Liam!" Simon said.

"Hello Simon, how are you?" Liam asked.

"Two years, right?" Simon asked.


"What song are you singing for us?" Louis asked.

"Cry Me A River." Liam said. There was a short pause, and then the music started. Nervousness washed over him, I could see it in his eyes, but when he started singing, all that went away. He looked like he owned that stage. Liam did great, the judges loved him. And best of all, Simon stood up and clapped. When he sat down, it was time for the voting.

"Yes!" Louis shouted.

"Yes!" Cheryl said.

Simon looked at him and smiled, "It's a yes!" Liam smiled big time at this, he got a yes from all the judges.

He ran off stage and hugged his mom. I stood there while him and his mom had their moment. Then he looked at me and smiled. He hugged me and spun me around.

"I knew you could do it Liam!" I said.

"Thank you Sami!" He said and kissed me. "For everything." I just smiled and hugged him.

I knew Liam could do this, I was very happy for him. He was totally buzzing right now! He kept going on and on about how he knew how well he done, when Simon gave him a standing ovation. But the only thought going through my mind right now was, 'what's going to happen now? What am I going to do without him? What if he forgets about me and finds someone else?' I knew Liam loved me, but just knowing that he would someday be famous, which I knew he would, he could find someone else. Prettier, skinnier, famous. He was going to forget me, and I was going to be alone. Without my best friend, the love of my life, Liam Payne.


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