Bullied. - Liam Payne Fan Fic.

Liam and Samantha are best friends. Samantha is popular, and Liam is bullied all the time. She loves Liam and he loves her too. But what will happen when he goes to x factor and gets put into a band? Will they confess their love for each other?


6. X-Factor.

Me and Haylee have just made it to London and checked into our hotel. Liam doesn't know this, but me and Haylee are going to the X-Factor show and going back stage to see them. We have already talked to Simon. Simon knows Ally and Justin, I am so thankful to have them as my friends so I can see my lovely boyfriend.

"Are you ready Sami?!" Haylee yelled, she has been excited since we left the house.

"Yes, just adding some eye liner!" I yelled back.

After I put on my eye liner, we headed to the venue where they were performing. They were pretty far in the competition. We weren't seeing them until after the show though.

"Hey girls!" Me and Haylee shot our head around and we seen Simon.

"Hey Simon!" We both yelled. We were sitting right behind the judges, so the boys probably wouldn't see us, which is good. We want to surprise them.

"How are you girls?" He asked.

"Good, I just miss Liam." I said and frowned.

"I missed Harry!" Haylee said. We all laughed.

"Well, I have to get going. See you soon!" Simon said and made his way to the judges' table. I was so ready to see the boys perform.

We were pretty amazed by all the talent we seen, but the last performance was our guys, and we screamed as loud as we could, and I'm pretty sure we were the loudest of the fans. The boys sung 'Your Song.' And the did amazing! I really think they will win! But we have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Everyone started making their way out, so we stayed behind and waited for Simon to bring us back to see the boys. I really hope Liam is excited to see me tonight.

"Girls. Come with me." Simon said and smiled at us. We hopped up really fast and quickly followed behind him.

"Boys. You have visitors!"

"Harry!" Haylee yelled.

"Hey babe." He said and hugged her tight.

"Hey boys!" I said and hugged them all, but Liam wasn't there. "Where's Li?" I asked.

"I honestly don't know." Louis said.

"I'm going to look for him." I said and took off exploring back stage.

I was searching back stage for Liam for the past ten minutes, and he was no where around. I was about to go back to where the boys and Haylee were, but I heard two voices. One voice sounded like Liam. So I followed the voices. When I turned the corner I seen two people kissing. I seen Liam, MY boyfriend, kissing another girl. I didn't know what to do, so I did the only think I could do.

"LIAM JAMES PAYNE!" I yelled. They quickly pulled away. I just turned around and ran. I ran and ran until I was in someone's arms. I have no idea who was holding me, but I was crying so much right now.


Liam's POV

"Danielle! Why did you kiss me! I specifically told you I only wanted to be friends. And you possibly just ruined the best relationship of my entire life! Don't ever talk to me again!" I yelled and ran after Sami. I had to find her and tell her the whole story. But when I turned the corner, I seen something I didn't want to see.

"Sami." I said. She was hugging Louis tightly, and turned around, all I could see was tears and red puffy eyes. "Sami, let me explain."

"I think I seen all I needed to see. Was that Danielle? Huh!" She was yelling.

"I didn't kiss her, she kissed me. I swear Sami, I love you." I said, walking towards her, she took steps back.

"Liam, how could I believe you? I seen you lip locked with her."

"But, I didn't kiss her back! Why won't you believe me?" I asked.

"Because... She is prettier. She is skinner. She is obviously everything you wanted in a girl." She said and looked down. I walked up to her and took her face in my hands.

"Sami, you are the only girl that I want, the only girl that I need. I have loved you for a very long time. You have to believe me." I said and kissed her. She looked in my eyes and slowly shook her head.


Sami's POV

I believed Liam for some reason, he just looked so guilty for whatever happened.

"So, tell me, what happened?" I asked.

"Well, me and Danielle were just talking, since we are friends. Then she just kissed me, and when I heard you yell, I pulled away and yelled at her, then chased after you. I couldn't lose the best thing that has every happened to me." He said and kissed me again.

"Come on Li, it's getting late. Can you drop me off at my hotel?" I asked.

"I'll stay with you." He said and smiled. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the hotel, since it was close to the venue. When we got to the room, I heard Harry and Haylee screaming something. I thought they were fighting, so I quickly unlocked the door and ran in. But I didn't like what I was seeing. I covered my eyes.

"Haylee Melinda Jones!" I yelled.

"Harry Edward Styles!" Liam yelled. They both jumped up quick, and gathered all their clothing.

"Uh, Sami! I didn't think you'd be home yet." Haylee said.

"So you decide to have sex when I'm not here?! You could have texted me and told me to stay out longer!" I yelled. She looked down.

"I didn't think it was going to happen." She whispered.

"Yeah, me either. It just happened. I really like her." Harry said and walked to the bathroom quickly.

"Haylee, atleast go with him to get changed so me and Liam can look!" I yelled. Then all I heard was feet running towards the bathroom. I looked at Liam with sorry eyes.

"Li, I'm sorry for all this."

"It's okay! I guess we can't control our horny friends." He said and winked. I playfully hit his arm.

"I'm going to get changed. I'm pretty tired and I'm sure you are too." I said and went to get my clothes to change into.

"Sorry guys!" Haylee said, her cheek were so red. Harry just looked down and didn't show his face.

"Well, someone could have warned us." I said and walked past them. I quickly got changed and walked back to the main room. The boys and Haylee were watching a movie. I climbed into bed and got comfortable and turned off the lamp. Liam looked at me.

"You're going to bed?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm tired. Night guys!" I said and shut my eyes. I felt the bed sink and someone pull me close to them. I quickly cuddled up to Liam, because I knew that's who it was.

"Goodnight Sami, I love you."

"Goodnight Li, I love you too." I said and dozed off.


I woke up early the next day and went to get food for everyone, and some Starbucks coffee. When I came back I seen Liam up watching tv, Haylee and Harry were still asleep, go figure. I smiled at Liam and gave him his coffee.

"Watch this." I whispered to Liam and quietly climbed on Harry and Haylee's bed. I started jumping up and down and screaming "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! I HAVE FOOD!" Then up came Harry, in just boxers. Ew. Then Haylee ran to the bag of food.

"I'm starving!" She said.

"Yeah, us too." I said. We all got our food and started digging in. After we ate, everyone showered. The boys had to go back to their house where they were staying and we hung around the hotel room for the rest of the day. It was already about 4 o'clock, so we decided to get ready. I wore a pretty purple knee length dress, and Haylee wore a blue knee length dress just like mine. We straightened our hair and put on our make up, all in 2 hours. Then we put on our heels and headed to the venue. We were excited for the results for tonight.

When we got to the show, we went back stage and seen the boys. When we walked in, Harry and Liam attacked us with hugs and kisses.

"Hey! What about us!" Niall yelled. We both laughed and hugged the rest of the boys. We stayed back stage for half an hour and talked with everyone.

"Boys, stage in 5 minutes." The security guards said. We said bye to the boys and quickly found our seats. And before we knew it, the show began.

"How is everyone doing tonight?!" The announcer said. We all screamed. There were only three people left, and I'm thinking the boys would definitely get through.

"Okay, were going to start with who came in third place." Everyone was crossing their fingers. One Direction had to make it through, they were great! "One Direction!" What?! The whole stadium was silent. And I could see tears in all of their eyes.

"Is this the end of One Direction boys?"

"No, One Direction will never end." Zayn said.

"Yeah, all I have to say is, this is just the beginning." Simon said, and they all walked off stage. Haylee and I quickly got up and ran back stage.

"You boys did great!" I said and hugged Liam. "You will always be number one to me." I said and kissed him.

"Boys, can I have a word with you?" Simon said, they all nodded and followed Simon.

"What do you think's happening?" Haylee asked.

"I have no idea at this point." I said and sat on the couch. What is going to happen to One Direction? They worked so hard and they got third place. This cannot be the end, it just can't be.


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