Bullied. - Liam Payne Fan Fic.

Liam and Samantha are best friends. Samantha is popular, and Liam is bullied all the time. She loves Liam and he loves her too. But what will happen when he goes to x factor and gets put into a band? Will they confess their love for each other?


13. Telling Everybody.

I have kept Liam and I's engagement a secret for two weeks, and I'm about to bust. Ally and Justin are coming to London next week, since Justin is playing at the O2 arena, and they will be here for a week. I'm excited to see my best friend. The boys went back to the studio today, and they still don't know about the engagement. Liam and I decided to tell everyone at the same time, so that means I still haven't told Haylee anything.

"Do you want to go out while the boys are at the studio?" She asked.

"Yeah, sounds great!"

"Are you okay, you've been acting different lately."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's hit the mall!" I yelled, and ran out to get a taxi.

"You know, we could really use a car." She yelled, coming out of our flat. I nodded in agreement. "Why don't we just go buy a car, and then hit the mall. We have the cash, so why not?" Haylee asked.

"You know what, that's a great idea. Lets go! But we shouldn't tell the boys, let them be surprised!" I said as we got into the taxi.

"Could you take us to the best car lot you think would be best to buy a car from please?" He nodded and we were on our way to get our first car! We were going to share because we both had no jobs, and went everywhere together. Unless she went out with Harry, and I went out with Liam.

"What kind of car are we getting?" Haylee asked.

"Hmmm, lets get a charger, or a camaro! I've always wanted one."

"Me too, but my mom would never let me get one. It was 'too dangerous' so I got a cobalt. Stupid right?!" I just laughed.

"Haylee, your mom has always been over protective and strict, that's why she wouldn't let you get one."

"Were here, thirty five dollars please." The cab driver said. I handed him forty and told him to keep the change. It looked like I just made his day.

"Look at all these cars!" Haylee yelled.

"Can I ever take you out in public?" I joked, she just laughed. "Uh, sir. We would like to look at your chargers, or camaros. Were buying a new car today."

"Ah yes, right this way." He walked us to a whole row of camaros. "These are our newest models. Over there are our newest models of our Chargers." He said and pointed to the right of us. "I'd like the buy a camaro myself, but it is totally up to you girls." He said and smiled.

"I want a black car!" Haylee said all excitedly.

"Haylee, black gets dirty easily. Remember that." I said, I wanted a black car too, but I was just trying to let her know that black gets dirty very easily.

"I don't care." She said and walked towards the black camaro.

"I like this one too, I love black cars too. But we got to make sure to keep it clean."

"I know, lets get it!"

"Alright!" I said. "Sir, this one. We want this one."

"You know these cars are very expensive, right?" He asked.

"Yes we know, but we both come from very wealthy families, so we don't care. How much is it?" Haylee asked.

"Hmm, for you girls $35,000. With a $5,000 down payment today."

"How much is it usually?" I asked.

"We would normally sale it for $45,000 with a $5,000 down payment. But your girls are very pretty, and I'm willing to make a deal." He said, and smiled at us. I looked at Haylee with my 'lets get the car and leave' look.

"Here you go." Haylee said and gave him $40,000. The down payment is there. Just give us the papers to sign and keys, and we will be gone." She said and smiled at him. She's good at flirting with guys to get something fast.

"Let me go get everything to sign, follow me." He said and took off walking through the dealership place.


"Hello?" I answered my phone.

"Hey girl, me and Justin are in London."

"What?! You weren't supposed to be here until next week."

"No, its this week. Were going to Ireland next week." Ally said.

"Okay, stay at the airport. Me and Haylee will be there in about forty minutes. You and Justin can follow us back to our flat." I said and hung up. "Ally and Justin are in town this week. Can you drop me off at the studio and you go get them?" I asked Haylee.

"Yeah, sure. But why?"

"I just have to talk to him." I said and started to text Liam and let him know I was stopping by to talk to him about everything.

"Alright." She said and before we knew it, we were already at the studio. "Tell Harry that I'll be home with Ally and Justin, and that I love him." Haylee said. I nodded and got out of the car.

Liam met me at the doors, all the boys did. "What's up guys?"

"Were done for the day, just about to go home. Why are you here Sami?" Louis asked.

"Just came to talk to Liam, can we?" I asked. He nodded.

"Go ahead guys, we will be home shortly." He said and the boys all piled into the van.

"What's up, babe?"

"Ally and Justin are in London as we speak, they are here this week instead of next week! I haven't wore my ring in two weeks, only my promise ring. We have to go out ASAP or I'm going to end up telling on accident." I said all as fast as I could.

"Calm down babe, we will go out tonight. Tonight we will tell them, I promise. But right now, lets get home and tell everyone were going to eat." He said and grabbed my hand.


"Come on guys, were going to late for our reservations!" Liam yelled at everyone.

"Babe, can you come help me?" I yelled to him. I heard foot steps and he was there right away. "Do you have the ring?" I whispered to him. He nodded. "Okay, lets get going."

"Lets load em up guys!" Liam yelled and everyone ran outside. Liam had ordered a limo to take to the restaurant, I have the sweetest 'boyfriend'.

The ride to the restaurant was definitely not boring or awkward in anyway, especially with Louis Tomlinson in our vehicle. I'm glad to have met a friend like him, he has turned from a stranger, to an annoying friend of Liam's, to my very best guy friend. Of course besides Liam James Payne, but still Louis is my boyfriend.

"So why are we all of a sudden going somewhere fancy?" Haylee asked. Shit, I was not good at lying.

"I just figured, we haven't ate anywhere fancy since we have been here, and tonight was a perfectly good night to go out and eat. So why not?" I said and smiled. Liam winked at me.

"Oh, well then. Okay." She said and started talking to Harry.

"That was close." I whispered to Liam.

"Very." He whispered back.

We all arrived at the restaurant and the waiter quickly got us to our seats. He got our drink order, and we all started having conversation. I didn't know when would be a great time to tell everyone, so I waited until after everyone ordered. That took like forever, because I wanted the boys and girls to know Liam and I's secret.

"Excuse me waiter, were ready to order." Niall said. Of course, he is probably starving! Poor guy. "And I would like to go first." Everyone laughed at that. "I'd like the twelve ounce steak, baked potato. And some cheese sticks for an appetizer." After he got Niall's order, we all ordered. Everyone pretty much ordered the same thing, except we all got six ounces steaks.

"Uh, boys.. Ally, Haylee.." I said, and got their attention. I was extremely nervous. I stood up, and then Liam did and put him arm around my waist.

"Sami and I need to tell you all something.." Liam said and took a deep breathe. We both turned around so he could put the engagement ring on my finger.

"Sami, is everything okay?" Ally asked. Liam and I were still turned around. Liam nodded at me and took my left hand.

"Sami and I are.. Are engaged." Liam said and held up my hand. Everyone cheered, all except for Haylee.

"You didn't tell me?!" She yelled.

"The only reason I didn't tell you is because I wanted to tell everyone at the same time. I didn't want you to be mad at me, but I feel like you are anyway. It's just I know how you are with secrets. You always tell Harry and Ally everything, and I just wanted everyone to know at the same time. I'm sorry, excuse me." I said and took off running to the girls bathroom. I thought I would be alone.

"I'm not mad. I just upset you didn't tell me." It was Haylee.

"But I wanted everyone to know, and not tell people a hundred times." I said.

"I understand. I'm not mad. I just can't believe it!"

"I know, me either." I said and hugged her. "Lets get back out there before Niall eats our food!" I said, and we went back out to everyone.

The rest of dinner was very talkative, and everyone was happy for me and Liam.

"Liam Payne, Liam Payne! Are you and Samantha engaged yet?" Paparazzi.

"Lets go boys!" Liam said and we tried to push through all the paparazzi.

"Liam, that's a big diamond Samantha has, how much was it?" They just kept asking questions.

"Shut the fuck up and get a damn life!" Ally yelled. Shit, now Justin will have to deal with what she just said.

"Ally!" Liam yelled.

"I'm sorry but they are annoying. They always follow me and Justin around. And now you guys are getting famous quick and I'm sorry." She said and put her head down. We were all in the limo at that time.

"It's okay Ally, thank you." I said to her, she smiled at me.

"I have to teach her to deal with it better." Justin said.

"I have an anger problem, I'm sorry!" She yelled. We all laughed.

"Hey, I have an idea. Who's up for a little party?" I asked everyone.

"You got the alcohol?" Harry asked.

"I'm always prepared. To Liam and I's place!" I yelled.

The last time I partied was when Liam and I was in a fight, now the whole gang is here and its about to be a fun night. Funner than with just me, Haylee, Harry, and Lou. Everyone jumped out when we pulled up to our flat.

"You got Hurricane?!" Justin yelled, while looking in the fridge. I think he likes that.

"What's a party without a little bacardi?" I asked and laughed because it rhymed.

"Well I want some shots!" Haylee yelled.

"Yeah, me too!" Harry said.

"Everyone to the kitchen. Liam get down the shot glasses." I said and he went to the cabinets.

"Liam, you drink?" Louis asked.

"Not much." I answered for him. "Only every once in a while with me."

"Okay, Vodka or Whiskey?" I asked.

"Vodka!" Everyone yelled. So I poured Vodka into nine shot glasses.

"Ready for our theme song Haylee and Ally?" They nodded. "On the count of three. One, two.. Three!"

"Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!" We all yelled.

"Drink!" I yelled. We all took our shots.

Actually we took five shots and some of us were feeling a little buzzed. By the time we were on our eighth shoot, we were feeling tipsy. Me and the girls kept taking shots until we all blacked out.

"What the hell?!" That was Ally. "What happened last night?" She asked.

What did happen last night, I would like to know as well because I remember nothing after all the shots we took. At least I'm still in the same bed and Liam. Nothing bad happened to us, right?

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