Bullied. - Liam Payne Fan Fic.

Liam and Samantha are best friends. Samantha is popular, and Liam is bullied all the time. She loves Liam and he loves her too. But what will happen when he goes to x factor and gets put into a band? Will they confess their love for each other?


7. Love and Bliss.

"Forever Young, I wanna be Forever Young. Do you really wanna live forever, forever, Forever Young." The boys sang their hearts out in the studio, and they sounded amazing together.

Yesterday was the most sad, but happiest days of their lives! Yeah, they lost X-Factor, but Simon signed them anyway. The boys were now recording the cover to 'Forever Young.' And when they are done doing that, they get three months off, and then come back to London to start working on their first album called 'Up All Night.' Me and Haylee are excited for them, but when they leave us, we will really be sad.

"Okay boys! Let's take a ten minute break, then record again. We are almost finished!" Simon said, all the boys came running out, and went straight for food and water. Oh boys.

"Do you think it was a bad idea leaving Ally and Justin at the house alone?" Haylee whispered to me.

"Nope, but I would never leave you and Harry there alone." I said and smirked, Haylee started blushing really bad.

"How many times do I have to apologize? It just happened!" She whisper-yelled.

"Dude, chill. I was only kidding. You know me and Liam will never let you or Harry live that down, right?" I asked her, she nodded. "Well, control your hormones! I don't need a pregnant friend along with the other hundred teenagers in our neighborhood. You don't need to be a teen parent. Especially when Harry is leaving in three months to work on an album." I said.

Haylee was about to say something, but Harry and Liam came over and sat next to us. "What are you girls talking about?" Liam asked.

"Uh...." Haylee said.

"Just how much we are going to miss you!" I blurted out. Liam didn't looked convinced, so I leaned in and whispered a "I'll tell you later." He nodded.

"We are going to miss you girls too, but we have three months to spend together!" Liam said and hugged me tight.

We sat and talked to all the boys for the remainder of their break, but their faces dropped when they heard a "Let's start recording again!" But they just smiled.

"Only a couple more hours baby, then we can go home." Liam whispered to me and kissed my cheek. I started blushing like crazy and Haylee could totally see it.

"And tell me why you and Liam haven't "hooked up" yet?" Haylee asked, using air quotes. I went wide eyed.

"Unlike someone, I can control my hormones."

"Not when you were with Zach." She said, I looked down. I was really ashamed.

"You know I didn't want to, but I 'loved' him, or so I thought I did. I don't want to mess it up with Li, he means the world to me." I said and smiled at Liam, who was looked at me through the window. He smiled a wide smile back to me.

"Sami, you aren't going to mess up anything. He loves you just as much as you love him, if not more. You can't spend ally your time worrying about if you're going to mess up something. Just go with the flow. Live life, take risks."

"As in, have sex with him?" I asked.

"Yeah." She said. "Well, you might call it making love. I remember the horrible experiences you told me about Zach, and I see why you're scared. But Liam would never force you to do anything, and he would never hurt you."

"You're right, Haylee. But, only when we are both ready. Who knows, it might 'just happen.'" I said with air quotes, and winking. She just started blushing.

"Okay boys! We are done!" Simon yelled, the boys all high fived. "I will send this to all the radio stations, and call you back to do your first album. Enjoy your time off before you get really busy." Simon said. The boys all hugged and came running to us.

"I can't wait to get home and spend these next three months with you non stop, babe. I love you." Liam said and kissed me. I heard a chorus of 'Awwwws' around me. I looked at everyone and blushed.

"Come on guys, lets get going. I'm ready to be home!" I said and ran out of the recording studio. Me and Haylee had our bags with us, so we climbed into One Direction's van and headed to the airport. We already had a flight booked.

When we arrived at the airport, there were a few fans. So being the gentleman that they are, they signed autographs. Me and Haylee stood back smiling, we knew it would only get worse as they got more famous. Me and Haylee eventually headed inside and got some coffee, I got all the boys their favorite as well, and when we went into the airport lobby, the boys were waiting.

"Here." I said, giving Liam his coffee.

"Thanks babe." He said and hugged me. "Let's get going, they already called for us to board the plane." We boarded the plane and I immediately got cozy and snuggled up to Liam for the plane ride home. He just smiled down at me.


"Babe, wake up. We have landed!" Liam yelled, trying to get me to wake up. I just groaned. And the next thing I knew, someone was carrying me. I looked up and seen Liam. He smiled at me. "Were going home now." He said and I just laid my head back down on his shoulder and fell asleep again.

The next thing I knew, I was being laid down somewhere. I rolled over and opened my eyes to see my room. We were finally home. I jumped up.

"Now your awake!" Liam said.

"Yeah, I had a good nap." I said and kissed him.

We both walked into the living room and I seen Justin with Ally. He was still here?

"You're still here, Justin?" I asked.

"Yeah, tour here doesn't start for a while. I hope I'm not bothering you." He said.

"No, just confused." I said and laughed.

"Well, I'm taking Ally out on a date. We will be back later." He said and they walked out of the house. It was only me and Liam.

"Where is Harry and Haylee?" I asked.

"Hotel." He said and smiled. "You want to order take out and relax here?" Liam said, I quickly nodded. "Okay, I'll go order it." He said and dialed a number, I headed to the bathroom to tame my wild hair. And when I came back, Liam was all relaxed on the couch. "It will be here in 20 minutes." He said.

"Yay! I'm starving." I said and sat down next to him. We watch 'Ghost Hunters' until the food got here. And got here pretty quick, because the next thing I knew, there was a knock on the door. Liam jumped up and paid the guy. The brought the food to the living room. I got drinks and we sat there, eating and just enjoying each other's company.

"You know Sami, I'm glad we finally got together." Liam said, after we ate.

"Me too, Li." I said and kissed him. "I really love you." I said.

"I love you too." He said and pushed me down on the couch. I just smiled at him. "I hope were not moving to fast." He said and kissed my neck.

"Oh, were definitely not moving too fast." I said and kissed him again. But more passionately. But this time he lifted me up and started taking me to my bedroom. We our room for the next three months, and we never broke the kiss. He gently laid me on the bed, and took off his shirt. "Li! You have an amazing body." I said.

"Yeah, but I bet you look better." He said and winked, he took off my shirt and I immediately covered myself. "Babe, stop. You look amazing. Don't be embarrassed." He said and moved my arms. He kissed my neck, then my chest. I started fumbling with his belt and pants button. I got them undone and he kicked them off quickly. He kissed down my belly and un did my jeans and slid them down my legs gently. He was left in his boxers, and I was left in my panties and bra. He laid down on top of me and slid his hand around my back unclipping my bra. He just smiled.

"Like what you see?" I asked and smirked, he just nodded.

He took off his boxers and I took off my panties. And the rest of my night was full of love and bliss. With the man I knew had my heart, forever. My one and only. The only guy to make me feel complete. Liam James Payne.

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