Bullied. - Liam Payne Fan Fic.

Liam and Samantha are best friends. Samantha is popular, and Liam is bullied all the time. She loves Liam and he loves her too. But what will happen when he goes to x factor and gets put into a band? Will they confess their love for each other?


12. I'm Sorry.

"Uh yes, where is the closest liquor store?" I asked the taxi driver right when I got in.

"About three blocks away."

"Good, can you take me there please?" I asked. He nodded and then we were on our way. I decided to call Louis and tell him it may be a little bit longer than I expected.

"Hello?" Louis answered.

"Hey Lou, it's going to be a little bit more than twenty minutes." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Uh, just is. See you soon! Bye." I said and hung up. And right when I did, we pulled up to a liquor store.

"This will only take a minute. Could you please wait?" I asked. He nodded and parked his car. "Thank you!" I said and hopped out, and went into the store. Now what to get?

"Uh, I'll have 3 1/5 bottles of Hurricane, 2 1/5 bottles of Jack Daniels, a twelve pack of  Smirnoff Ice, and a bottle of vodka please." I told the worker.  

"Sure thing! Your total will end up being $110. You're getting a lot of alcohol tonight miss." The person said, taking my money.

"Well, I really need it. I'm not drinking it all myself." I said and laughed.

"Well, you have a fun night!" She said and handed me my bags.

"Thanks, you too!" I said and walked back out to the taxi driver. I gave him my address and we were off to my flat.


"Guys! I have alcohol!" I screamed when I walked into Louis, Harry, and Haylee's flat. I was already drinking when I walked in.

"Where the hell did you get all of that?" Harry asked.

"The liquor store, where else? Now, where is your fridge. I'm ready for a fun night." I asked, and started to find my way to their kitchen.n

"Sami, are you sure you want to do this?" Haylee asked, following behind me.

"Yes! Why wouldn't I?" I asked.

"Because, you hated drinking when you were with Zach. Wh-"

"I need a fun night! Don't ruin this for me! You're the partier, I thought you'd like this idea." I interrupted her.

"I do, it's ju-"

"Let's go then!" I said and ran back into the living room. "Who's ready for shots?!" I yelled.

"This guy!" Harry yelled.

"Let's get this party started!" I yelled, and poured some shots for everyone. Before I knew it, I was downing two shots at a time, and everyone else was just chilling. "Turn some music on Haylee, and Louis dance with me!" I said and grabbed Louis' hand.

"Sami, I've never seen this side of you." Louis whispered in my ear.

"Yeahhh, well not much people haveee." I slurred.

"I think you have had enough to drink."

"Nooo! I want moreeee!" I yelled.

"Dude, let her have fun. This is the whole reason she came over." Harry said.

"Okay, okay. Come on Sami. I'll get you some of that Hurricane." Louis said and dragged me into the kitchen. That's the last thing I knew before I blacked out.


Louis' POV


I woke up to the feeling of someone moving around vigorously in my bed. I didn't get drunk last night, but I did drink a lot. And a lot went down last night.

"Ahhhhh!" I heard a scream right beside me. And I knew who it was.

"Sami, what's wrong?"

"Why am I in your bed?" She asked.

"Because you got wasted last night, and I was not leaving you on the couch."

"Did we do anything?" She asked.

"You want to know everything that happened after I gave you that Hurricane last night?" I asked and she nodded. "Okay."


"Louis, you're so attractive." Sami whispered in my ear as I was dancing with her in the living room with Haylee and Harry. I just laughed.

"Sami, you're drunk right now."

"I don't careee." She was slurring again.

"I do. You're with Liam, he's my best mate. I couldn't let you cheat on him while you're like this." I said in her ear.

"But, he'd never know."

"Sami, you don't know what you're saying. Just dance." I said and grabbed her hips. "This isn't cheating." I whispered in her ear.

"Ohhhh, I see." She said and started grinding up against me. Then I heard a knock at the door.

"I'll be back Sami." I said and she just nodded. "Harry, dance with her. Keep an eye on her. I'll get the door." I said and he went over to her so she wouldn't do anything she regretted.

I opened the door and was surprised by who I saw. "Liam?" I asked.

"Is Sami here?"

"Yeah, but honestly she doesn't want to see you right now. I'll send her home in the morning. You two need some time apart. I won't let anything happen to her, I promise. You have to trust me."

"Okay Lou, I'll be here early."

"Okay, bye." I said and went back in to see Sami.

"Harry! Where did she go?!" I asked, looking everywhere for her.

"I don't know man, I went to get a drink and she was gone." Just then I felt someone jump on my back and to my surprise it was Sami.

"Thank goodness! Where did you go?" I asked her.

"I was hiding!" She said and laughed.

*Flashback over*

"Then you kissed me. I stopped you, but you kept trying. But soon, you passed out on the floor. So I brought you in here and gave you my shirt, and then I went to sleep. That's exactly what happened."

"Oh my god, Louis. I'm so sorry! That's exactly why I don't drink much." I just laughed.

"It's fine Sami. But get up, Liam will be here soon."

"Okay." She said, and I got up and left her to get ready.


Sami's POV

"So, you have a good night?" Liam asked as we were walking back to our flat.

"Yeah, better than dinner." I said and rolled my eyes.

"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" He asked.

"I don't know, until you mean it." I said and went to take a shower.

"I do mean it!" He yelled.

"Yeah, yeah." I said and started stripping my clothes off. I turned on the shower until it was warm enough. I got in and started washing my hair, until I felt something behind me. I turned around quickly and seen Liam.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything I said to her. She switched my words around, she manipulated me. She does that, ask all the guys."

"How can I believe you?" I asked. Then he started kissing me and rubbing my body. "Li, I have to shower!" I said and started giggling.

"I do too, we're saving water." He said and winked.

"Clever!" I said and kissed him again. He squirted soap on a louffe and started washing my body, and after I did the same to him. Maybe I do forgive him. I mean, maybe she is a manipulator.

"I already washed my hair babe, you wash yours." I said and kissed him, then stepped out of the shower. I wrapped myself up in a towel and went to our room. While I was searching the closet for clothes, I felt arms around me.

"You know I don't have much hair, so now I'm all clean." Liam whispered in my ear. I turned around and kissed him.

"Liam, I forgive you." I said, and he kissed me and hugged me tight.

"I'll never hurt you again, I swear. You're my one and only." He said. "I wanted to do this later, somewhere romantic. But we have liked each other for a very long time, way before we decided to date."

"Liam, where are you going with this?" I asked. Liam opened up the drawer on his side on the bed and pulled our a black velvet box and dropped down on one knee. I gasped.

"Sami, Samantha. Will you do the honor of being my wife someday? Samantha, will you marry me?" I had no idea what to say to him. Was this actually happening?

"Is this really happening?"

"Not exactly the answer I was looking for." He said and laughed.

"Yes Liam! I will. YES!" I screamed and hugged him tightly. He slowly put the ring on my finger.

"And yes, this is really happening." He said and kissed me on the lips passionately.

"Samantha Payne. I like it."

"You're such a dork, Liam." I said and laughed.

Everything was falling right back into place. I was actually marrying the guy of my dreams. Liam James Payne is mine and only mine. I was going to be Mrs. Payne. Mrs. Liam James Payne. Samantha Louise Payne. It actually sounds amazing together. I can't wait to tell the girls. I have to fly Ally and Justin out as soon as possible, because I am not good at keeping secrets. And this is something big. I need to tell them, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. And us girls need to start planning.

"I love you, Liam."

"I love you too, Sami."



(A/N Sorry this chapter wasn't the best! But I promise it will get better. I wanted to post another chapter for you all and I rushed it. Please give me feed back. Thank you for reading my book.) (:

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