Beautifully Dangerous

You're dangerous. I've seen what you can do to others and even yourself. I had never planned to fall in love with you. Everyone had told me to leave before i got hurt, but i can't leave you now not when you need love the most. I'm not scared of you. Not even terrified of you hurting me. I trust you even if it means i'm wrong. Harold Edward Styles you're beautifully dangerous.

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5. Sudden Burst

I hesitated a little unsure of whether i should check downstairs to see if a burglar was in my house or not. Deciding to take my chances and defend myself i grabbed my dad's old baseball bat from his closet before slowly creeping down the stairs. Every light downstairs was turned off except for the kitchen light, but what frightened me the most was that the front door was left ajar. Moonlight shone through lighting up the edge of the living room that i could see. 

I gripped the baseball tighter as i stopped right before the end of the stairs. Mumbling could be heard from the living room confirming my belief that someone was in my house. My breathing increased as i knew what i needed to do. Silently i counted down from 3. 

Screaming i was about to hit the stranger with the bat when i recognized brown curly locks. "Harry?" The baseball bat fell from my grip as i studied the beaten up boy in front of me. "Y-y-y-your door wass unlockedd soo i let m-myself in, s-s-orry for kn-knocking over your p-plant." He stumbled over words clearly drunk. His feet twisted making him rock back in forth as though he was unbalanced. As he began to fell forward i ran to help him stand up. 

I steadied him before forcing him to sit on the couch. "Stay here, let me get you some water." My voice soothed him as he nodded his head. 

In the kitchen i found a glass instantly and began to fill it up with cold water before returning to where i had left Harry. the couch was empty no sight of him was to be seen. With the water still in my hand i searched the living room then moved on to the rest of the downstairs area. "Harry?" I called lightly. No answer. 

About 5 minutes later i still could not find him anywhere. I was about to give up when a loud thud sounded from my bedroom upstairs. Swiftly i climbed the steps one by one until i reached the arch way of my room. Harry was laid out across my floor fast asleep. I released my breath when i felt the thumping of his heart, he was alive. Leaving him to sleep i walked to the hallway closet and grabbed a few blankets. 

The blanket fluttered in the air before safely landing on Harry's masculine body, i had just gotten a pillow under his head when he moaned and rolled over. Thinking he was awake i started to talk to him. "Are you okay?" His green eyes landed on mine as he smacked his lips three times. "You're beautiful." He mumbled slightly while his eyes closed returning him back to unconsciousness. 

'That was strange, even with everything going on.' 

I thought to myself as i stood up and climbed into my bed. 


The birds chirping outside my window woke me from my deep sleep. Don't get me wrong i love the sound but when it's non-stop chirping it gets annoying. I checked the time on my phone, seeing that it was almost 10 i decided to take a shower. My feet slid off the edge of the bed then quickly i stood  up. 

"Ow!" i heard a yelp come from beneath me. Looking down i realized i was standing on top of someone's back. I quickly jumped off the person and stood aside waiting for the man to reveal himself. He groaned and rolled over to look at my face. "Harry? What are you doing here?" I asked with my memory still fuzzy. Thinking back to my dream i had took care of him when he came into my house drunk. Apparently that wasn't a dream. 

"I have no clue, the last thing i can remember is drinking a pint at a local pub, then i started a fight. I don't remember anything after that." Harry explained while stretching his way into a standing position. He got in a fight, that would explain the bruises on his arm and his bloody knuckles. "Why did you get drunk and fight?" My curiosity got the best of me. 

"Don't ask me that because i can't give you an answer." He replied flatly. Not wanting to push him i opened my bedroom door and went into the bathroom, Harry was hot on my trail. "Why are you following me?"  I had stooped in front of the bathroom door and turned around to face him. "Well, i figured you were going to take a shower, and i need one badly, so i thought maybe we could go green and save water by taking a shower together."

Flustered with his suggestion my face burned and i couldn't process a single thought. He noticed this then pressed his body against mine. It reminded me of how that drunk man had his body against mine. Did Harry have the same intentions as he did? Sudden panic rushed through me and i pressed my palms on Harry's tone chest trying to push him away. It was useless because he didn't move. Harry had all the power and he could do anything to me. 

My heartbeat raced and i would not let that happen not in my own house, so i tried to slid out from the position Harry had over me. He blocked me and grabbed my wrist tightly but not enough to hurt me. Our faces were only about 3 inches away from each other's. He started to lean in. "Harry! Please let me go!" I shrieked. 

I was released. Harry slumped back against the wall opposite of the bathroom. "I'm so sorry, i thought you wanted me too... but of course you don't. I'm just like that drunk guy who we unfortunately encountered the other night. You're terrified of me." All emotion drained out from his words. His face had a type of sadness to it. I didn't realized until now how much this hurt him. He thought he was the bad guy, but also something inside of me knew that wasn't what he was. 

"I'm not scared of you." I mumbled slightly. Harry's face lifted from the ground to meet mine. "Don't lie, if i were to touch you, you'd flinch." He said pushing himself of the wall to stand a foot in front of me. "Try me." I didn't know what took over me but i wanted him to see how i wasn't afraid of him. 

His hand reached out and moved a piece of my fallen hair behind my ear. It took all i had not to flinch from his cold touch. He took note of my reaction and stroked my cheek with his thumb. "I can see it in your eyes, how much you're trying to hide your fear." He removed his hand from my cheek and it fell to his side but our eyes remained locked. "You're so beautiful, and you shouldn't be ruined by darkness." He turned to leave but i gripped his wrist weakly. "Kiss me..." I whispered wanting to know how it felt to be kissed by someone so dangerous. 

Harry hesitated before turning around re-locking our eyes again. My heartbeat quickened as he took a step closer to me. I released his wrist and placed my palm on his chest. Surprised to feel his heartbeat quicken at my touch i let my other hand grab a hold of his hand and guided it up to where my heart was. He smiled feeling my heartbeat race. "You're nothing like the man who tried to rape me and because of that i'm not afraid..." I was cut off with Harry pressing his lips upon mine.

The feeling exploded into warm tingles that spread through out my body. He had intertwined our fingers and then with his free hand he gripped my face gently tugging me closer into him. My free hand skimmed up his chest and into his curly hair. He moaned slightly when i tugged on it. 

Kissing the corner of my mouth Harry let go of my neck and increased the space between us. Confused I tried to pull him back to me but he refused his focus was on something else. A car door slammed. My eyes widened knowing exactly whose car it was. 



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