Beautifully Dangerous

You're dangerous. I've seen what you can do to others and even yourself. I had never planned to fall in love with you. Everyone had told me to leave before i got hurt, but i can't leave you now not when you need love the most. I'm not scared of you. Not even terrified of you hurting me. I trust you even if it means i'm wrong. Harold Edward Styles you're beautifully dangerous.

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7. Knight or the Dragon?

I had no clue how to keep him calm but i decided on softly stroking the back of his hand. We turned the corner of my street and onto the main street that led into downtown but soon were stopped by a red light. "So, is it still a secret?" The words soothingly came out of my mouth in hopes of conversation. "Is what?" Harry asked confused but then understanding swept over his face. "Oh, you mean where we are going?" I nodded. He shrugged not completely answering my question. 

The light in front of us turned green. We were passed downtown now and headed to an unfamiliar place. There was graffiti on almost every building and the windows were all boarded up. How come I've never seen this side of town before? I gripped on tighter to Harry's hand as he pulled into a vacant lot of a rundown apartment building. It too had boarded windows and graffiti covered the walls. No one was near it. 

"Harry... what is this place?" I asked sounding a little more frightened than i intended. He parked the car and unbuckled himself the proceeded over to my side of the car, opening the door. "C'mon, I'll show you." He extended a hand to me. 

The beeping of the car being locked startled me and i ended up grabbing a hold of Harry's arm. He chuckled in response to my fright. 

"Don't worry love, you're safe with me." His voice dropped to a serious tone as we neared the front of the apartment building. I followed his lead and slid my body through the tiny gap in between a window and the door. Since the sun was setting there wasn't much light inside the apartment, but Harry soon fixed that by pulling out his phone for a flash light. 

The inside of the apartment building looked much worse than the outside. Sewage leaks were found dripping from the ceiling, cobwebs hung down from the old ceiling lights, and there was mouse droppings that cover the filthy carpet. Harry ignored all of this and kept walking towards the stairs hat lead up to the second floor. 

Once up the stairs we continued to walk down a hallway before stopping in front of apartment 16-B. The doorknob had already been broken off leaving it slightly open. Harry pushed on the door causing it to open fully. The apartment was empty other than a pile of broken furniture in a corner. Shining his light on the corner of a wall a right scurried out in front of us missing my foot by an inch. Terrified i screamed and jumped back releasing my hold on Harry. 

Harry laughed and wrapped an arm around my waist tugging me to him. 'You are easily scared." He whispered into my ear making goosebumps cover my arms. I didn't know what to say in reply so i stayed silent. 

Still holding on to me tightly Harry led us to a room in the back of the apartment. Candles were strewn out across the floor and books were piled in a corner. A blanket covered the dirty floor and a pillow was sitting on top of the left corner of the blanket. Harry released my waist and took out a lighter from his pocket before going around the room and lighting each of the candles. 

"This is the apartment i lived in with my dad when i was a kid. I was only 4 years old when my mum took custody over me and i hardly ever saw my dad again. Sometimes i like to come here and clear my head or read a book..." He gestured over to the pile in the corner. "Even though my dad is long gone and shortly after i left they closed this place down i still love this place. I know it's filthy and gross but this is my first home." Harry lit the last candle then took a seat on the blanket criss-crossing his legs. Following him i sat across from him. 

His face was dimly lit with candle light which made his face more attractive. He looked like at little boy sitting in front of me but he still had that uncertain darkness filling his eyes.

"My dad used to read me bed time stories. One of them was about a knight who had to rescue a princess from the dragon. She was trapped in a tower while the dragon barbecued any person who tried to take her from him. The knight was brave and he used his sword to slay the dragon and saved the princess.They lived happily ever after. Later on when my parents divorced i remember asking my dad if he felt like the knight or the dragon. He said the Dragon, because all he wants is to protect the what he loves but often people don't see his true intentions. I didn't understand what he meant at the time, but i think i'm beginning to." 

I processed what he told me but i couldn't make any sense of it. Looking at Harry i saw that he was staring at his feet while twiddling his thumbs. He was so innocent looking but yet so dangerous. Crawling closer to him i rested on my knees with my face inches away from his. "Are you a knight or a Dragon?" I asked hoping he'd explain. His eyebrows scrunched together with his confusion at my question. We were silent for a long period of time before he spoke. 

"I wouldn't want to be either, both are selfish." Harry said harshly while turning his head away from me. Obvious memories he hasn't told me yet had triggered this reaction. He still wouldn't look me in the eye so i took his hand and flipped it to where it was palm side up. I traced the greases that covered the rough surface. "Look at me..." I said softly. 

Slowly he moved his gaze up to meet mine. I bit my lip before i reach my hand up and brushed a fallen lock of hair out of his eyes. "Then who are you?" I whispered only loud enough for him to hear me. Harry sighed, "I don't know yet." Leaning in i kissed his lips gently. 




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