Beautifully Dangerous

You're dangerous. I've seen what you can do to others and even yourself. I had never planned to fall in love with you. Everyone had told me to leave before i got hurt, but i can't leave you now not when you need love the most. I'm not scared of you. Not even terrified of you hurting me. I trust you even if it means i'm wrong. Harold Edward Styles you're beautifully dangerous.

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2. Interested

Once my home was in my field of vision i started to relax and increased my pace. i knew my dad would be mad at me staying out so late, but what could i do. So i entered the house trying to be as quiet as i possibly could. I was almost home-free when i heard a manly grunt behind me. "And where have you been?" My father questioned while standing with his arms crossed. Gulping down my shakiness i came up with a lie. 

"Um... well... i had stopped at a bookstore on my way home and i lost track of time." His eyebrows furrowed not fully believing me but instead of pressing the subject he said a simple goodnight before brushing past me. Only when i heard his bedroom door shut was i able to remove myself from the hallway and into my own room. 

Something was up with my dad, usually he would have yelled at me or grounded me, but not this time. I lucked out. Checking the time i realized it was nearly 1 a.m. way past my usual bedtime of 11:30. Even if it wasn't a school night i liked to fall asleep at a certain time. "I'm such a freak." My inner demon roared up trying to gain possession of me, but i wasn't going to let it tonight. Maybe it was because i was tired or maybe because i had  the curly haired stranger in my mind, but somehow i felt different. 

So, with this thought in mind i slowly drifted into a deep sleep. 


*beep beep* I groaned as i reached my arm out to hit the snooze button on my annoying alarm. Finally the beeping subsided and i had finally gained the strength to get out of my cozy bed. Taking note of the quietness that rang through my house i ignored it as i stumbled to the bathroom still half asleep.

After i stood in the shower for about 10 minutes i turned the warm water off and wrapped my nude body in a towel before returning to my bedroom. Still no sound could be heard from the rest of the house. Desperately wanting to check up on my dad to see if he's awake i slid my clothes on in a rush.

As soon as i was fully dressed i cautiously made my way to my father's bedroom. His bedroom light was off, which wasn't a good sign. Slowly i opened the door to find that his bed was empty, i scrambled to the kitchen checking to see if he was there. No sign of him anywhere even his car was gone. This keeps getting weirder and weirder. I pulled out my cellphone already typing his number in ready to call. It had reached the 2 ring until i noticed a note taped to the fridge. 

~Surprise business trip, be back Late Thursday night, i left money on the counter to the left and you should have my credit card in case of an emergency. Since it was short notice today I've decided to let you stay home from school today, because of lack of transportation. Stay safe, I love you. 

                                                                                          Sincerely Your Father.~

This was unexpected, usually he warned me a day in advance when he was leaving town. I decided to leave the subject alone knowing all to well it's probably nothing to worry about. 

Since i didn't have to go to school and i wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep i pulled on my Jack Wills hoodie, grabbed the money dad left me, and stuffed my phone in my pocket ready to leave to walk down to Starbucks and grab a coffee. The nearest one was only a block away and wouldn't involve too much walking. 

Soon enough i was in line anxiously waiting to reach the front to order my Mocha Cappuccino Grande. Pulling me away from my thoughts i noticed a guy with curly hair sitting alone at a table near the back. Every time someone would pass him they would give him a look of either disgust or fear. When he turned his head slightly revealing his face i recognized him as the stranger from the night before. It felt stranger seeing him in public and when the sun was out. 

"What would you like from Starbucks today?" The cashier lady asked politely directing my attention to her not the curly haired male who interested me. "Oh... can i get a Mocha Cappuccino Grande please." She nodded while typing my order into the register. "Okay, your total is $4.75, and can i get  a name?"  I handed her a 5 dollar bill before answering, "Dawn."

It wasn't long until i had my hot coffee in my hands and i was searching the small area for a seat, but the only open hair was the one directly across from the mysterious stranger from the other night. Sucking in my breath i took the chance and slowly made my way over to his table. 

"I-is this seat taken." My voice shook, betraying me. His eyes darted up and quickly made contact with mine. "No, it's all yours, and by the way you have a beautiful name." I could feel my cheeks burn from my obvious blushing, which made the curly haired boy smirk. "Sorry, i couldn't help but over hear." i shrugged it off trying to regain my composure. "It's okay, but i wouldn't mind knowing your name..." I encouraged slightly. He chuckled before responding. "Harry, but i wouldn't go saying it, people don't take to kindly to me." 

My heartbeat quickened as his voice lowered as he harshly spit out the last words. Maybe i should've just left when i had the chance. "Too late now..." I thought to myself. 

"Are you okay, you look pale." Harry reached out to check my forehead, but our skin didn't touch as i flinched away. He retracted his hands , placing then around his drink. "I keep forgetting about what you saw last night, that's really not me. It's hard to explain, but if you knew me better you would know." His face dropped to stare at his feet. Somehow i had found the courage to say what i said next. 

"Maybe you should let me get to know you better then." It was true i wanted to know more about this mysteriously attractive guy in front of me. He stayed silent for a long time making me think he was uninterested and i would be to if i was him, i'm nothing special. "Do you like hockey?" 

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