Beautifully Dangerous

You're dangerous. I've seen what you can do to others and even yourself. I had never planned to fall in love with you. Everyone had told me to leave before i got hurt, but i can't leave you now not when you need love the most. I'm not scared of you. Not even terrified of you hurting me. I trust you even if it means i'm wrong. Harold Edward Styles you're beautifully dangerous.

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3. Drunken Man

"Your not like a pacifist or anything?' Harry asked me while escorting me to the our seats in the hockey arena. I simply shook my head no in response. We reached our seats and i took the one closet to the aisle. The Game would be starting in a couple of minutes, so i crossed my legs trying to get comfortable. I happened to love hockey but the fact that Harry was sitting beside me made me uneasy. 

Events from the night before danced through my head. There was one thing i knew for sure, Harry could fight and he was angered easily. Somehow i knew i shouldn't have accepted his invitation to a hockey game, but trying to be a risk taker i took the chance. I tried not to think too much when Harry stood up to get a drink. 

I could bolt now leaving Harry wondering but i could just sit here and pray nothing goes wrong. My brain picked the first option, where as my heart picked the second. Unfortunately my heart won. 

Soon Harry had returned drink in hand, and he also had a cup of coffee in his other. "Here." He stated handing me the warm cup. "Oh... Um... I'm not that thirsty." I stuttered trying to be as polite as possible. "Take the drink, you might need it later." Harry had replied rather harshly. Afraid to anger him more i took the cup from him and placed it on my lap. Neither of us spoke for the next 5 minutes it took the game to start. The lights were turned of and a guy in a suit stepped out onto a red carpet that was laying on the ice. 

He announced himself then moved on to announce the coaches and finally the teams. The arena roared when men in red and black jerseys skated out onto the rink. Immediately i assumed that was the team we were rooting for. 

There was thirty seconds left in the first period and we were down by two. The puck was was flying from stick to stick searching for a way into the net. "Shoot the puck!" I yelled at the players. Noticing my sudden outburst Harry looked at me with a smile on his face, pleased to see i was enjoying myself. Still caught in Harry's eyes i heard the crowd scream which drew my attention back to the rink. We had scored a point. "Great, i missed it!" I threw my hands up in defeat before slumping in my seat. 

A low chuckled escaped from Harry's lips as i rolled my eyes and stood up. "I'm going to run to the Loo real quick..." Harry cut me off. "I'll walk you." He started to stand up next to me. I pressed my palm against his shoulder forcing him back down. "I can manage myself, i promise i'll be fine." Hearing a final sigh from Harry i stepped into the aisle making my way towards the ladies room. 

It was strange how protective Harry seemed insisting on walking me to the bathroom, was not a normal thing to hear for me. Usually people assumed i could do things by myself. Don't get me wrong i can, but sometimes it's nice to see someone willing to help, but going pee was something i could do on my own. 

Quickly i found the restrooms in a corner near the back of the arena. Surprisingly the place was clear of people, and if i hadn't had come from the hockey game you wouldn't have known anything was going on. I shrugged of the creepy feeling with my urge to pee. 

I let the cool water run over my hands as i scrubbed all the soap off my previously dirty hands. When i had left the bathroom there was still no sign of life coming from the corner where i was standing. Suddenly a guy in his thirties stumbled out of the men's bathroom clearly wasted. I picked up my pace trying to avoid the man.

"Hey, hot stuff!" A manly voiced called out from behind me. Not turning around i quickened my speed, but i was soon pulled back by my arm. The drunken man shoved me against the nearby wall. His breath stank with alcohol and he wasn't handsome either. I was repulsed as i struggled trying to be released from his grasp. Strong hands clung to be tighter as he pressed into me harder. At this point my breathing was heavy and my heartbeat raced on like a horse. I was terrified. 

The drunken man smiled at my displeasure. "Enough with the stalling, let's get down to business." My body froze as his rough lips made contact with the side of my neck. I tried to push him away with my hands but his grip increased as he pinned me further to the wall. Not sure of what to do, i panicked, thrashing my legs and my arms trying to escape. Kicking the man's shin he cursed before shoving me hard against the wall. "God damn it, hold still." 

I winced again as he returned it rough lips to the spot on my neck. With no other choice left i did the only thing i knew how to do. "Harry!" I screamed loud and my voiced echoed through the halls out side of the arena. "Har..." My second scream was cut of with the drunken man's hand forced onto my mouth blocking my ability to scream. Now, i was defenseless, and i knew then i was going to be raped then tossed aside possibly dead. A single tear rolled town my cheek with my new found terror. 

Without warning the drunken man was pulled off of me, staggering back to face who ever had stopped him of his actions. I noticed the back of a curly haired head and instantly knew it was Harry. Darting over to him i cowered behind him hoping the drunken man wouldn't get past Harry's strong body. 

"What the hell man, i was getting some action." Words fell from the drunken man's mouth. Harry's back muscles tensed up at the last word and he lunged at the man, cleanly throwing a punch to the left side of his face. The Drunken Man fell to the floor howling in pain. realizing Harry was about to pounce on him ready to destroy what ever feature's the man had i grabbed his bicep tightly hoping i could stop him. He glanced back to me catching my terrified eyes and his face lightened. "This is your lucky day, i'll give you five seconds to get out of my sight or you will end up in a hospital." 

Like the gun man the night before, the drunken man scrambled up and sprinted out of sight. Relief flushed through me when i realized i was now safe. My hand was still tightly holding on to Harry's arm, afraid to let him go. His face turned towards mine and i swear i saw some of his darkness fade from his eyes. Tears still were gradually falling from my eyes  but the wetness on my cheek was quickly removed from Harry's thumb. 

He pulled me into him while wrapping his strong arms around my tiny frame. I was still shaking from the previous experience but my terror had subsided. "We need to get you home." Harry's raspy voice spoke smoothly. Weakly i nodded my head agreeing.


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