Beautifully Dangerous

You're dangerous. I've seen what you can do to others and even yourself. I had never planned to fall in love with you. Everyone had told me to leave before i got hurt, but i can't leave you now not when you need love the most. I'm not scared of you. Not even terrified of you hurting me. I trust you even if it means i'm wrong. Harold Edward Styles you're beautifully dangerous.

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4. Clumsy

The car ride was extremely awkward as neither of us knew what to say. So i let out my breath as we pulled up in front of my dark house. I lingered in my seat waiting for Harry to say goodbye or something. "Are you going to get out?" He said more harshly than intended. Unbuckling my self i slid my hand into the handle to open the door then i froze. Fear slowly crept into me as i realized no one was home. It usually didn't bother me when my dad was gone but tonight it scared the hell out of me. 

"D-d-do you want to come inside for a bit?" My voice shook as i tried to let the words escaped. Simply, he nodded his head and unbuckled sliding himself out of the car. I followed his lead. 

A car sped down the street with it's engine roaring. Startled i jump into Harry's chest balling my hands in his shirt. He chuckled lowly and patted my back. "It's just a car... wait are you scared?" Me not responding gave him all the answers he need. I mean what did he expect, almost getting rape is terrifying and not something easily forgotten. 

He gave me a smirk before releasing me from his grasp. I felt his palm gently touch the arch of my back urging me to the front door of my own house. "I promise, i'll keep you safe." Harry whispered loud enough for me to hear. a part of me trusted his words but the sensible part of me didn't agree, but of course i ignored it and let Harry lead me to my house. 

Once inside we stood in the front hallway in silence. Not being able to stand it anymore i did what any hostess would do, "Would you like some tea?" The confidence in my voice surprised me because usually i couldn't speak around him. He nodded  and i headed toward the kitchen not making anymore conversation. 

Reaching into the top left cabinet i pulled out my favorite tea kettle and started to fill it with water. When i set the kettle on the stove to heat up i started to feel a pair of eyes staring straight into my back. Slowly i turned around my eyes meeting emerald green ones. Harry was casually leaned up against the archway that lead into the kitchen area, i then realized he had been watching me, intently. Nervousness crept through me as my palms began to sweat and the heat in the room rise. It was like his eyes were digging into me, trying to figure me out. 

Not sure of what to do i took a step back placing my hands on the counter behind. The second my hand made contact with whatever was behind me i shrieked of the extreme hotness that was burning my skin. Quickly i removed my burning hand then turned to look at what i had touched. Of course it had to be the stove. I clutched my aching hand trying to relieve some of the excruciating pain. Suddenly a large hand gripped my wrist tugging me over to the sink. Another large hand had turned the tap on while the one on my wrist pulled my burnt hand under the cold water.  

Curious as too who was helping me i looked up to catch the sight of curly hair. I winced a little as the pain emitting from my hand increased as there was a sudden pressure. "Why must you always be so clumsy." Harry muttered as he took the wash cloth he had placed on my hand and wrapped it twice around before securing it. After he removed his touch the pain had lessened to an occasional pulse. Carefully i brought my hand close to my body while Harry Stood up straight and backed away with  his work was done. 

"T-t-thanks." I stuttered motioning to my injury. "You just have to be more careful." He replied harshly. Why must he always be so harsh with me? Fed up with his attitude towards me i sighed then left the kitchen to go sit on the couch in my den. "Where are you going?" Harry asked with his still harsh tone, but he quickly followed me. 

I plopped down on the love seat and turned on some cartoons. "I'm sorry, for being rough, I'm just not used to being gentle." Harry mumbled as he stood in front of me blocking my view of the t.v. Realizing i couldn't win in this i turned off the t.v. making the house completely silent. I wanted to tell him how much he frightened me and how much i wish he would be sweeter, but i knew telling him this would only anger him, so i said nothing. 

"I should probably go then..." He started towards the door. I didn't respond, which made him make up his mind and completely left the house. Hearing the front door slam i sprinted to the window and pulled back the curtains to watch him get into his car. He looked frustrated as it took him awhile to get his keys out of his pocket. Taking one last glance at my house he turned on the engine and sped off down the street. 

He had left as quickly as he had came. I was confused and unsure of what all has happened but i tried not to dwell on it as i tidied up the kitchen before i took some aspirin for my hand then i headed towards my bedroom. Not even bothering with taking a shower or eating dinner i changed to an over sized t-shirt then buried myself under my duvet. By 3 a.m.i was still wide awake when i heard something clatter to the floor down stairs




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