She's not afraid

Sara's parents are terrible. They beat her. Abuse her. And so much more. One day she meets Harry Styles in the park. Harry falls in love with her instantly. Harry loves her so much that they start secretly dating. Soon after Sara's mom finds out that Sara is keeping secrets from her she kills Sara and her nanny Marla. Or at least that's what everyone thinks. What happens next? Well you'll just haft to read it to find out!


3. Parents? Gone!!


Oh my gosh!! My date with Harry was tonight!! Yay! I couldn't wait. I wore my favorite blue blouse and skinny jeans with a light blue flower clipped in my hair. I was starting to leave when...... "Ahhhhhhh!" That sounded like Marla. I walked into the kitchen. MY PARENTS WERE IN THERE!!! "Where is she?" my mom yelled. 

"I told you I don't know!" I backed away quickly and hopped in Harry's car. "Hey babe! You ready? Where do you-"

"Before that my nanny and I are in danger!"


"It's a long story just help how many security guards are with you?"


"Ok get them in there and tell them to get Marla out of there I'll call the police." Four security guards ran out while one stayed with us. Marla came running out with the security with my parents right behind them. My parents had a knives!! I opened the door and Marla hopped in. The security guard slammed on the gas and drove 100 miles an hour. My parents hopped in their car and followed us. I called the police and hoped they would be here soon. Soon loud screeching sirens came into hearing. "This is the police pull over at once!!" they said to my parents of course they didn't listen. Harry held me close and told me everything is going to be ok. I listened and cuddled close to him in his big strong arms. I felt the happiest I have ever felt in my life. In his arms I knew there was some hope. I mean I'm cuddled in Harry's arm right? The sirens screeched louder with more police cars. My mom took out a gun and started shooting us and the police cars. This had to stop. Then the police took out their guns and started shooting them back. This is getting way out of hand. Lucky us one of the guards shot my parents' car's tire and it blew sending them in circles. "This isn't over I'll be back!" my mom said as the police threw her in their car. It was finally over!! My parents were gone and weren't coming back for awhile. 

The car stopped and cops barged in. "Are you guys alright? Is anyone hurt?" the cop asked sternly.

"Yes sir except for cuts and bruises." I told him.

"Are those your parents?"

"Unfortunately yes."

"You are a strong young lady to deal with that crap your whole life." he smiled and said.


"Ok why don't you guys all come with me and-" Harry climbed out of the car. "Are you Harry Styles?" 


"My daughter loves you would you mind coming to see her, she's at my office."

"Of course!"

"Well anyway why don't you guys come with me and I can ask you a few questions k?"

"K." We all went to the station and the cop asked us some dumb questions. It got very boring. After that we got to meet his daughter Allison. She was a very beautiful what looked a sixteen year old girl. When she saw Harry her face lit up. She was about to scream and cry with tears of joy. Harry hugged her and she got his autograph.  We left after spending lots of time with Allison. "Where do you guys want to stay? If you want you're welcome to stay with me." Harry asked.

"I don't care Marla where do you want to stay?"

"Umm you can stay with Harry if you want I'll go home and get a head start on cleaning."

"Ok I'll go with you Harry." We went back to the house and I grabbed the things I needed. Harry and Sara. Sara and Harry. What a perfect night! We stayed up watching scary movies with Harry holding me close. Giving me a warm feeling of relief. He looked me right in the eyes and came in for a kiss. I felt like we were being pulled together like were magnets being pulled together. We came in closer and closer until are lips met. I felt a warm sensation between us. It felt warm and alive. I never wanted this to end. Sadly Harry pulled back so we could get back to our movie. But I came back kissing him again. He pulled me away and turned on the movie. I want to stay here forever alone with Harry Styles. With him cuddling me close keeping me safe and away from danger. This was why I had to suffer my whole life. All that suffering led to this. This was who I was meant to be, a good and close friend to Harry Styles (or girlfriend if he makes a move). A person who gets to hang out with one of the most popular boy band in the world. A person with a dream come true.

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