She's not afraid

Sara's parents are terrible. They beat her. Abuse her. And so much more. One day she meets Harry Styles in the park. Harry falls in love with her instantly. Harry loves her so much that they start secretly dating. Soon after Sara's mom finds out that Sara is keeping secrets from her she kills Sara and her nanny Marla. Or at least that's what everyone thinks. What happens next? Well you'll just haft to read it to find out!


2. Is this happening?

My parents have been really mad at me lately. For what? Exactly, NOTHING!! Sometimes they do that just to make my life even more terrible. When they do this they punish me. It's not like being grounded for a week oh no! It's much worse! They make me their slave and I have to do everything for them. Even stuff that I shouldn't get into detail in. After today my life has gotten much better! My dad just got into huge trouble like something huge that I don't even know and my mom had to go to court with him so it's just me and Marla. Marla let me take a few walks by myself since I always want to and my parents never let me.

On my walk people looked at me and ran away laughing. Why? I know I don't have nice cloths since my parents only buy what they find is my size (the first thing they see), but other than that there is no reason. Are my clothes that bad? Am I really ugly? Do I smell? I'll never know. After taking a walk for about 30 minutes I got tired and sat on a bench right behind me. I couldn't see where I was sitting and accidentally sat in someone's lap. "Oh my gosh! Sorry I couldn't see you!" I turned around to see who it was. IT WAS HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!! I'm freaking out! The guy I couldn't love that I did love was right in front of me! "Oh, it's ok" he said. I didn't know what to say. I was about to scream, but tried to hold it in. "Are you ok?" he asked. I didn't notice that I looked like I was going to pass out. "Oh yeah, um yeah just fine," I tried to say. 

"Oh ok." I couldn't stop staring. His perfect curly hair and his dimples!! Oh! His dimples. "Can I um have a few um pictures with you?" 

"Of course!" he said smiling with his perfect smile. After taking many, MANY pictures with him he gave me his phone number and told me to call him later. He told me I as one of the cutest and nicest girls he'd seen. What is wrong with those people? Making fun of me when Harry Edward Styles said I was one the cutest girls he'd ever seen!

*Harry's POV*

That girl was so cute. I loved her smile, laugh and her hair! I really wanted to talk with her more, but I had to leave. The boys were expecting me. Why now? When I had just met the girl who I loved dearly? This always happens! Oh well, she at least has my phone number.

*Sara's POV*

WOW! I just met Harry Edward Styles and got his number! Best day of my life! I never want it to end, but sadly I had to go back to my awful life back at home. When I got home Marla was crying. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Well you know why your parents are gone?"


"It's because I called the police and told them how cruel they are to you. So they took them away to court."

"So how is that bad?"

"They have to stay in jail fo rabout two years."

"So, that's awesome!"

"Yes, but the police gave them one phone call and they called me. They said they it was you who called the police on them and they are going to literally kill you when they return or sooner!"

"Wow, that's bad!"

"I know I have been trying to find a way to leave and move to a new home with you, but I just don't have the money. Ever since I started working for your parents I have been trying to save money so the two of us can run away and live in a house together."

"Aww, that is so sweet, thanks for trying."

"Oh your welcome!"

"Guess what?"


"I met Harry Styles today!!!"

"No way!" 

"Yes way!" I assumed she didn't believe me so I showed her all the pictures and his number. "Text him!" Marla said. I did.

Me: Hi Hazza!!

Harry: Is this Sara?

Me: Yeah

Harry: I wish I could have talked to your more but I things to do.

Me: Oh it's alright 

Harry: What night are you free?

Me: Pick any 

Harry: Friday?

Me: Perfect!

Harry: Ok gtg bye :( C u then!!!

Me: Bye!!

Yes! I was going to see Harry on Friday awesome! Marla was so happy for me. Going on first (well I think it is) date. Yay!!

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