She's not afraid

Sara's parents are terrible. They beat her. Abuse her. And so much more. One day she meets Harry Styles in the park. Harry falls in love with her instantly. Harry loves her so much that they start secretly dating. Soon after Sara's mom finds out that Sara is keeping secrets from her she kills Sara and her nanny Marla. Or at least that's what everyone thinks. What happens next? Well you'll just haft to read it to find out!


1. My miserable life

For all my life I have been abused and tortured. My parents never wanted a child. I was what you consider an "accident". My parents wanted to get an abortion. Why didn't they? I could have had a better life in heaven. Everyday of my life is terrible. I always want to run away, but I stay because of my nice and wonderful nanny, Marla. I know I'm too old for a nanny, but my parents don't trust me with anything. I'm not even allowed to have a phone, but Marla gave me one for my birthday and we keep it secret from my parents. Marla has made my life so much better. She taught me right from from wrong when my parents wouldn't. How to walk. How to talk. This list goes on forever! See how bad my parents are? They won't even let me like the band one direction! And I do love them (it's a secret between Marla and I). No posters in my room. No concerts. Nothing anything related to one direction in my home (except on my phone). It's no fair! Why me? Why the girl who has never done anything wrong? At night all I do is cry in Marla's arms. When I am asleep I dream about a good life and I wake with this. At school kids make fun of me (except for my friend which I don't have very many). Barely anybody wants to be my friend. So as you can see my life is pretty tough. You try being a directioner behind your parents back. It's really hard! 

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