My messed up life

In "My Messed Up Life" a witch named Scarlett must face many challenges.Love comes along and she must walk away from it.Will she?


7. Worst day ever


                                             Karmen P.O.V

            I woke up to hear Scarlett talking away on her phone in the middle of the night.Ugh.I shuffled along down the hallway.Her door wide open.Does she know nothing about sneeking out? I thought to myself."Could you talk any louder?" I said tiredly."Oh,sorry."Scarlett said while texting.Why did I get stuck with her as a step-sister? "Your keeping me awake,just be quiet."I yelled/whispered down the hall.


                                       Scarlett's P.O.V

               As I was texting and Karmen was talking I had noticed something diffrent about myself.I would never sneek out.I made a mental note in my head:Ask dad to help me text my magic.What if I was already starting to turn into dark?What if the darkness was staring to take over me? Little by little I knew it was going to happen.Starting as little things (sneeking out) and turning into bigger things.I don't want to end up like my mom.Dead.She had almost killed my father because of her darkness.Then,it hit her,she has turned dark.That night she had jumped off the roof while I was asleep.


                                                              ~Next morning in the basement~


                                           Scarlett's dad P.O.V

             "Just try the spell.If it's dark colored we know that the darkness is near,if not then don't worry." I said.Scarlett then tryed doing the spell.The colored puff was half black half blue.Not good."Okay...well Scarlett bad news the darkness is already taking over you,but it is having a hard time trying to corrupt you.But this is strange,"I said flipping through the books we had hidden,"I have never seen it struggle to take over anyone.This only happens to the pure ones,but the last pure one died years ago." "Unless,they weren't the last one.Dad whats goinf to happen to me?" Scarlett asked with sad eyes."I...I don't know anymore.So far your doing pretty good job at defending yourself from the darkness inside of you." At that moment Scarlett was pulled away into a warp hole.The head.


                                                 Scarlett's P.O.V

           I stragled to get my balance.When I finally got it and looked up i saw the head,as mad as ever."What do you have to say for yourself?!" The head's vocie boomed."Pardon?" I said."I got a letter from the head of the darkness, and it reads:

                       Dearest sister,I am sorry to inform you,but I must bring war onto your people.As I understand you have a pure one,Scarlett,you know that I hate war but she must go.As in death.You will that the rest of the year,six months, to prepare.Be happy I sent this to you.I could have just showed up.           

            do you understand that they are coming?" And I answered with a nod.






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