My messed up life

In "My Messed Up Life" a witch named Scarlett must face many challenges.Love comes along and she must walk away from it.Will she?


5. What?

                                       Scarlett's P.O.V

                     "Hello,Scarlett." A voice from behind me said.I turned around to see the head of all the witches."Hello.I am ready."I said knowing what to say."Do your magic and I shall decide your kind." I did my best magic,but as I was doing my magic it was...different.I don't know how it just was."Stop,"The head said,"I have seen enough.I am sorry to say,but you are a dark your mother." I broke down in tears,why me?why now? I was sent back to my father,he saw the look on my face and knew."Scarlett,sweet heart,its okay.I'm going to try my best not to let you end up like your mother."He said hugging me."Now go and change into something nice you need to meet someone."


                     I changed into a light pink and light purple dress just a little shorter than my knees and slipped on a pair of white flats.I decided to go light on my makeup to,I put pink eyeshadow on,my friend showed me how mt make my eyes have that dramatic smokey look, and black eyeliner.On my way out of my room I added lip gloss."Come on Scarlett!" I heard a voice,I quickly rushed down and hopped in the car.We pulled up to a somewhat fancy house.

                 We both got out of the car when my dad said,"Please be good Scarlett."I rolled my eyes,like I'm not 5.He rang the doorbell and a woman with black hair stepped out a kissed my dad's cheek."Come in,come in."She chimed,"Dinners ready if you could please show your daughter to the table." My dad lead me over to were a table was set up.We all sat down,when Karmen came and sat with us."This my daughter,Karmen,and I am Larrie." Larrie said very cheerfully."This is Scarlett.Now girls we have something to tell you." My dad said even more cheerfully."We're getting married!"They said in unison.Karmen and I both had the "WTF" look on our faces. Just then a moving truck pulled up."Dad, what?"I finally was able to say."Oh yeah,when we left some people moved our stuff here." He said shyly. "Karmen go show your step-sister her room." H-Our mother said.Karmen got up and so did I.We finally stopped at a door.She let out a sigh."This is your room." She said as she was opening the door.I was amazed by the size,and the fact that my stuff was already in there."Wow,this is nice."I was able to squeak."And look since we are step sisters,I'm warning you.If I ever see you with Finn,I will make sure I'm the worst sister you will ever have."She warned as she walked out.


              I was already in my grey sweat pants and a pink tank top when I got a text from Finn.

Hey baby girl Ill pick u up at 7 on fri. Oh god I forgot about the date. Fuck she's going to kill me.I'll just sneak out because my dad will totally kill me if he knew I was out on a date.We both knew that dark witches weren't supposed to date,let alone love.





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