My messed up life

In "My Messed Up Life" a witch named Scarlett must face many challenges.Love comes along and she must walk away from it.Will she?


2. The party


                                         Scarlett's P.O.V

             My mind raced as I entered the party with Emily,my best friend, why did I let her bring me here? "Hey Scarlett,don't look so... uhh whats the word,scared."Emily said.I could tell she had had a few drinks in the half an hour we have been here."Well,I can't help it,your used to parties."I said."You should be,your 16 and never went to a party... not even a birthday party if that counts as a party."She had a point I never did.I let out a small sigh.Emily went off somewhere and I just stood there.All alone.Not knowing what to do."Drink this."Emily said when she came back from where ever she went."What is this?"I said looking into the glass."Just drink it!". I took a small sip.Yup,I knew it.Beer.Ugh I hated when Em did this.As i drank the rest of it me and Em started to go get refills when I saw him.


                        Finn's P.O.V

                     I was hanging out with some friends from a another school.They all left one by one and I started getting bored so I went to get a drink.I got the only thing that was there and when I turned around I saw Scarlett.Looking beautiful as always.With her Blonde hair curled,her white top with a black jacket,and a pair of jeans.It was so simple,yet it made all of her perfections stick out.Her blue eyes met mine and I walked over to her.Not knowing what to say I just said the first thing that came in my mind,"Hey,Scarlett right?"I.Am.So.Stupid."Yeah,Finn right?" She asked."Yeah,uhh... wanna dance?" I managed to let out."Sure."She giggled as she said it.I loved her laugh,even if i didn't know her that long I felt lovestruck.Or was that the beer?


                               Emily's P.O.V

               I was talking to some people from school,thinking Scarlett was by me,I was so wrong.I started looking for her when I see her dancing with Finn."Oh lord,Karen is going to be so ticked."I said.Karen is Finn's girlfriend.I quickly took a picture of them and sent it to Karen.Then,I noticed what I had done.I ratted out my best friend to the most popular girl in school,I just made Finn's and Scarlett's life a living hell.I am such a bad friend,but maybe I will become popular like Karen. WHAT AM I SAYING?!




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