My messed up life

In "My Messed Up Life" a witch named Scarlett must face many challenges.Love comes along and she must walk away from it.Will she?


3. Karmen


                                            Karmen's P.O.V

                    I was at home with nothing to do.I was looking through the channels on T.V when I got a text      Look who I saw dancing with Finn... then there was a picture of some person.I quickly sent Emily back.Who is that? It was about an hour until I got a text saying it was Scarlett.I knew Scarlett.We were friends when we were little,but that little bitch just messed with the wrong person.Finn... how could he? He said I was his everything. A tear ran from my eye.




                            Finn's P.O.V

                              Me and Scarlett spent the rest of the night together.I learned a lot about her. I got a text from Karmen. Don't bother talking to me! I can't stand you. Dancing with Scarlett. UGH! How did she find out? She didn't come to the party.Who told her? I am so dead.


                                  Scarlett's P.O.V

                  I walked into the school with a shimmer in my eye.Today,I was half happy and half... well I don't know. I stopped at my locker to get my books for my first class and saw a blue rose,with a note in my locker.I whispered to myself what it said,"Meet me by my truck today.BTW I had a great time last night. Finn." I giggled at the thought of last night,or what I could remember of it. At that moment Karmen was behind me cursing me out,being her drama queen self."Why were you with my boyfriend?!"She asked/yelled.I really didn't know how to answer that,so I just walked away.I didn't have time to deal with her.She stopped me in my tracks when she appeared in front of me."You know he broke up with me because of you,right?" She said almost as if she had a heart."He doesn't like me,so why would he break up with you?He doesn't even know I exist." I said,"I got to get to class."I said as I was rushing away.






So sorry for this crappy chapter.Well to me its really bad,but I have really bad writers block,so I might not be updating my stories for a while.Any of them. LOVEIES YOU,MY LITTLE COOKIES!






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