My messed up life

In "My Messed Up Life" a witch named Scarlett must face many challenges.Love comes along and she must walk away from it.Will she?


6. friday


                                                            Finn's P.O.V

                  I saw Scarlett by her locker and decided to stop by."Hey baby girl."I said as I kissed her cheek."Hey." She said as she put her books into her locker and wrote something about a test on her mini white bored."So beautiful,we still on for tonight?" I said trying not to sound cheesy.She let out a small giggle "Yeah we are,unless you don't want to." "Pick you up at 7." I crashed her lips on mine hoping there wasn't a teacher watching us.


                  Scarlett's P.O.V

           I walked into my new home to see Karmen standing with her arms crossed."I know what you are doing. Just stop it already,he's mine." She snapped."Not really."I snapped back as I was walking to my room.I looked at my phone.6 p.m.Just enough time.I quickly went in the shower and picked out my best outfit,a pink top with white skinny jeans,simple yet cute.I did my hair in a simple high ponytail.I was putting on some bracelets when Karmen walked in."Whats with the get-up?" She asked,"Going out with someone...oh lets say Finn?I'll tell you-our dad now." I stopped her right before she went out of my room."Don't.Or I'll tell our mom how you really dress in school,oh whats the word-" She interrupted me,"Fine.If you don't tell mom,I won't tell dad.BTW they said we  have to do some"sister-and-sister bonding",kay?" "Alright".


        When she left my room I climbed out the window.Careful not to mess up my hair.I was sitting on a bench they had in the front when Finn pulled up.He rolled down the window."Hey beautiful."He said as he was smiling."Hey handsome."I said as I got in the truck.We drove to the movies."So baby girl,what one do you want to see?"He asked."You pick."I said as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.We ended up seeing "Mama". I was very jumpy when it came to horror movies.I out my head on his shoulders.And he put his arm around me.


                              Finn's P.O.V

          Scarlett snuggled up closer to me.Every time she jumped I would let out a small laugh.She was cute when she was scared.I kissed the top of her head.When the movie was over she whispered "Uh Finn...I really got to get home." "Anything for you baby girl."I responded.The drive to her house felt all to short.Her laugh was just... beautiful.I had heard it in the truck many times.I walked her to her doorstep.She crashed her lips on mine."I had a great time.I'll text you later."She whispered as she walking through the door.One word described her.Perfect.


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