My messed up life

In "My Messed Up Life" a witch named Scarlett must face many challenges.Love comes along and she must walk away from it.Will she?


4. After school


                                                   Emily's P.O.V

                Ever since the party I have been trying to stay away from Scarlett,but she caught up to me in the hall."Hey! I haven't talked to you all day! Wait... you don't talk to me unless there's something wrong.What did you do?" Scarlett asked."Well,you know who told Karmen that you were dancing with Finn."I said looking down at my nails."You didn't." I nodded sadly.She stormed off.


                                                  Scarlett's P.O.V

                 I went out to see Finn by his truck."Hey baby girl."He said as he flashed his beautiful smile."Hey."I said.I didn't mind him calling me baby girl,it was kinda cute."Do you want to go out say friday ?" "Uh sure.I would love to." He drove me home,the ride was a little weird. We walked up to my door step when he crashed his lips on mine.I felt him holding me to him,as I ran my finger through his hair."What are you doing?!"I heard a voice say.We broke apart to see my father looking at use with a shocked look on his face."Scarlett inside,now."He said.My father stepped inside,but I didn't move for a while."Let me see you phone."Finn whispered.I handed him my phone and he quickly put his phone number in with his name."Bye baby girl."He said after he kissed my cheek.


                                                     Scarlett's dad P.O.V

                "Scarlett,go to the underground room."I said as she walked in."Yes dad.Do I need the books?" She asked as she put her stuff down."No,today you are meeting with the head.After that I want you to meet someone I met while I was away." I was always away.While I am here at home I try to make my daughter a white witch,not a dark one.I don't want her to end up like her mother.

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