These Moments Of A Life Time

Jessie dislikes One Direction but her sister Hannah and her best friend Emily loves them! She bumps into A mysterious boy on the way! They exchange numbers and part their ways! The next day she goes to the one Direction signing and that mysterious boy happens to be Niall Horan! What will she do? What will she say? Read and you will find out


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I woke up thinking about Niall... Again! What is it about this boy? Is it his charming looks? His eyes? His accent or his personality? I got cut out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating! I unlocked my phone and the text said

To Jess
From Niall
Hey Jess, sorry if I woke you up. I am excited about our date tonight! I'll pick you up around 7ish? I hope that is okay! Bye! xx

'shit' I mumbled under my breath. I totally forgot about my date! I guess that means I have to go shopping... For a dress!! Ugh just the thought of me wearing a dress made me cringe! I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. I turned the shower knobs to the perfect temperature and jumped in. I washed my body and my hair. I rinsed myself and jumped out. I wrapped a towel around me an my hair and walked to my closet! I opened up my closet and thought 'hmm what to wear what to we- uh huh!" These gold denim high waisted short shorts caught my eye! I picked them out and grabbed a misfits shirt out chucked that on and tucked it in. I grabbed a pair of sock and got my studded vans. I tied my shoes up and walked down stairs to write a note to Hannah who was sleeping... Again!

"Hey Han, I have just gone shopping and I will be a while! Also you can invite some friends over tonight cause I am staying at Emily's!
Love you Han!"

I grabbed my phone and wallet and ran to my black range rover, put the keys in the ignition and I was off!

*skipping whole shopping trip*

My arms were aching as I walked inside. I walked upstairs and dropped all of my bags on the bed which I must say was a lot! I looked at my phone to check the time! HOLY FUDGE CAKES it was 6:00pm I sprinted to the shower and turned it to the right temperature an jumped in I did the same routine and jumped out. I dried myself and ran to get my aqua mid-thigh dress out of its box. I had gotten matching heels to go with it! I slid the dress up and put the heels on! I carefully ran to the bathroom and turned my curling iron on, once I was sure it was hot enough I curled my hair into long ringlets! I walked out of the bathroom and checked my phone, it was 6:59 I walked downstairs to sit but as soon as I sat there was a knock at the door! I looked at my phone and it was 7:00pm sharp! I opened the door and all I could see were these two beautiful pair of eyes staring at me!
"You look beautiful Jess!"
I felt blood rush up to my cheeks
I looked down and replied "Thanks Ni."
"Woah wait what did you call me?" Niall asked a bit surprised
"N- nothing just forget it" I replied very embarrassed! "You called me Ni?" "Y-yeah" "do me a favour and call me that more often Jess!" I looked up and Niall was smiling! "Okay... Ni" I smiled "shall we go?" Niall asked "we shall"

Next chapter will be the date! Sorry I haven't updated it in a while! Could you leave me some feedback and what I could do to make the story better? Thank you! Also I didn't think so much people would be interested in this story! xx also sorry if its short!
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