These Moments Of A Life Time

Jessie dislikes One Direction but her sister Hannah and her best friend Emily loves them! She bumps into A mysterious boy on the way! They exchange numbers and part their ways! The next day she goes to the one Direction signing and that mysterious boy happens to be Niall Horan! What will she do? What will she say? Read and you will find out


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

*The Next Morning*
I decided to go for a run! I put my Nike singlet on, my track pants on and my Nike joggers! I chucked my long blonde hair in a pony tail and went downstairs. I found a piece of paper and a pen I writ down

Hey Hannah I have gone for a run I will be about 1 hour or so! Love you bye!
*note ended*

I grabbed my iPod and ran out the door! I put on one of my favourite songs Beautiful Nightmare by Reece mastin! I was jogging to the beat but I felt kinda weird like there was this shadow following me! I quickened my pace and started running, but the presence was still behind me so I started sprinting! Till someone grabbed my wrist! To my surprise it was Emily! I pulled my headphone out of my ear, " you scared me Em, why didn't you just call out to me?" I said holding my heart in shock! "I tried but you didn't reply so I ran after you!" Emily replied. Emily and I both laughed. We continued walking an talking she was tell me how Harry gave her his number and how he asked her to go to dinner with him tonight. " Oh my you know what this means... SHOPPING!" I screamed. Emily held her ears. I laughed and I said "I will be over your house in like 1 hour or too so we can go shopping!" Emily nodded and we parted ways! When I was home I ran upstairs to check on Hannah, " ha sleeping like always" I mumbled. I ran to the shower and turned the knobs to the right temperature, I jumped in the shower washed my body and hair rinsed myself and hopped out! I went to my wardrobe and picked out my black studded short shorts and a black t-shirt with a denim vest and white vans! I decided to let my hair dry wavy and wear no makeup since i never wear any anyway. I went downstairs grabbed an apple, my iPhone, my wallet and my keys to my Range rover and I was off to Emily's! When I got there she looked beautiful! She had her black leggings on and a denim looking button up shirt with her red toms! I decided to drive today so we were off to the mall! When we got to the mall we went all over the place, we bought a lot of things but at last we were walking feet tired and arms aching, we were walking past forever 21 and this beautiful green dress caught my eyes I immediately stopped Emily she followed my gaze to the dress, "it's...... Perfect!" Emily whispered. "I know and that's why I am going to buy it for you, for your date with Harry!" I squealed! She immediately shook her head in a 'no' but before she could say any thing I cut her off "no ifs or bits I am buying you that dress weather you like it or not!" I ran into the store dragging Emily behind and bought her the dress with the matching heels! We walked out of Forever 21 and went to nandos! I walked up to the counter and said "could we please have 2 Perrie Perrie chickens please?" "Yeah sure that will be $15:75!" I pulled out my wallet and paid. We got our food and sat down! I started telling Emily about my conversation with Niall last night "oh my gosh he totally likes you!" She screamed "shhh keep it down!" I whispered loud enough for her to hear! "But he totally does!" "You really think so Em?" I said with a slight grin on my face "I don't so I know so!" We kept on chatting till it was about 4:30pm and then we left nandos and I dropped Emily home! After I dropped her home I went home straight up to my room to go on Facebook and twitter! I saw I had a new follower, I checked who it was and it was Niall Horan! I followed back and then I got an immediant DM , it read 'Hey Jess, I was wondering if you uhm would like to go on a date with me? It's okay if you don't buy I was just wondering.' An instant smile grew on my face, but before I replied I thought, have I fallen for Niall? Oh my I think I have! So I replied 'yeah sure Niall I'd love that! (::' an I pressed send! I logged off twitter and went on to Facebook I had 3 notifications, I checked them and I see I have been tagged in a photo! I clicked on it and it was a photo at the signing of me and Niall talking? "what the?" I mumbled. I logged of twitter and went to go check on Hannah she was up and talking to her friend Alyssa! So I quietly said " hey Han? Is it okay if we have nandos for dinner?" She replied "yeah sure sis what ever you want! You know sometimes you remind me of Niall! You always want nandos!" She giggled! I went downstairs and ordered some nandos! Hannah and I were eating and watching T.V after dinner I chucked the rubbish out and went upstairs for a quick shower! By the time I hopped out it was 9:30pm so I decided to just go to bed! I changed into my PJs and hopped into bed! I checked my Twitter on my mobile and Niall had replied to my DM! It said "Yay okay I will pick you up around 6:30 tomorrow! Oh and by the way where do you live? xx" I replied with my address and then I locked my phone and put it on charge then fell asleep thinking about Niall!
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