These Moments Of A Life Time

Jessie dislikes One Direction but her sister Hannah and her best friend Emily loves them! She bumps into A mysterious boy on the way! They exchange numbers and part their ways! The next day she goes to the one Direction signing and that mysterious boy happens to be Niall Horan! What will she do? What will she say? Read and you will find out


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

But then Emily cut me out of my thoughts and said "Hey Jess, could you come over here and take a photo?" I sighed and said "fine" I slowly waddled over there and hid my face! I could feel eyes burning into my face as I walked to One Direction, Emily and Hannah! I slowly looked up and there was these bright bluey green eyes staring at me! They were beautiful! I quickly looked away and smiled I grabbed the camera and took a quick photo hoping we could get out of there faster but Harry I think his name is called Emily aside and was talking to her for a while! Hannah was talking to the other boys except Niall, Niall was standing beside me scratching the back of his neck! There was a long moment of silence, I broke the silence "I am sorry for like you know bagging you out" I said quietly while rubbing my arm. "That's okay haha I understand not everyone likes us." He replied. Oh my that laugh is adorable. There was another moment of silence till Hannah and Emily came back! "Can we go now?" I asked quietly. "Uh yeah sure just let us get a hug from each of the boys first!" Hannah said pulling Emily to the boys. They were finished hugging the boys so I started walking but someone grabbed my wrist. I was immediately embraces into a big hug. I didn't know who it was but they gave good hugs, they snuggled their head into the crook of your neck oh and boy they smelt good! After I was let go I looked up and it was those same beautiful eyes looking at me! I slightly blushed and said "bye" "bye Jessie I will text you!" Niall replied attempting a wink. I slightly giggled "what?" Niall said smiling " it's just that you don't know how to wink!" You replied while letting out small giggles. "Oh no I do know how to wink I just wanted to hear your laugh!" Niall replied but winking properly this time! And with that you walked off with Hannah and Emily. Emily seemed a bit happier "Hey em, what's up with you?" I said, she lift three laminated passes out of her pocket, my eyes widened "no no no no I am not going to their concert with you! No and I am not changing my mind!" Emily gave you her signature puppy eyes again " pleaaaaaaase" Emily and Hannah said at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed "ugh fine but I am not promising that I will be enjoying it!" I were embraced with hugs and screaming in my ear! 

*Skipping the drive home*

I opened the door for hannah she ran up stairs and then I ran up stairs, I opened my mac up and check Facebook, I had 1 new friend request, 1 message and 4 notifications! I checked my friend request and it was 'Niall James Horan' you mumbled " ha fake for sure" so you didn't accept, you checked your message and it was from that 'fake' account! The message read

Hey Jessie, it's Niall from today I know you are probably thinking oh it's a fake account but it's not! So please accept my friend request

I thought about it and then I accepted it! Niall immediately messages me
'Hey Jess
'Hi Niall'
Our conversation went on and on and on till you fell asleep!

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