These Moments Of A Life Time

Jessie dislikes One Direction but her sister Hannah and her best friend Emily loves them! She bumps into A mysterious boy on the way! They exchange numbers and part their ways! The next day she goes to the one Direction signing and that mysterious boy happens to be Niall Horan! What will she do? What will she say? Read and you will find out


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up to a text! 
"Again? ugh!" I groaned I looked at my phone and it was a text from an unknown number. I thought to myself 'hmm who could this be?' I unlocked my phone to see who it was the text read

To Jess
From Unknown Number
Hey Jessie, It's Niall from yesterday, I was wondering if you would like to go out for coffee today? (:

you thought about it and you were so eager to reply but then you thought wait a minute what day is the signing? So you opened a new message and writ to Emily

To Em
From Jess
Hey what day is the signing?

You got an instant text bake saying

Too Jess 
From Em
Oh I forgot to tell you it's today!!! YAY I will be picking you up around 10 cause the signing is at 1! So we can get all dressed up and watch a movie and yeah!

To Em
From Jess
Ugh Okay well I will start getting ready and wake Hannah up! Okay see ya soon!

You ran to Hannahs room and screamed "GET UP WE HAVE TO GO TO EM'S HOUSE AT 10 FOR THE ONE DIRECTION SIGNING!" she immanently jumped up and ran to her personal bathroom! I sighed and you went back to your room to text Niall back!
To Niall
From Jess
Sorry but I can't go cause I have to go to this stupid One Direction Signing! Sorry maybe another time!?

you got up and went in the shower! When you hopped out you had a text you opened it up and it read
To Jess
From Niall 
Hey, They are alright and I heard the blonde one is cute (;

you giggled and replied

to Niall 
From Jess
Well I have to go get ready ugh! bye!

You got out your Misfits shirt, High pants and your new retro vans and then you went to go check on Hannah. you walked in and she was sitting there combing her long brown hair! She was wearing a Button up plaid shirt tucked into her high pants! "Hey come on Hannah lets go down stairs and have breakfast!" Hannah nodded and we went down stairs and made some toast for ourselves! We heard a beep outside and we new it was Emily, so we immanently got up grabbed our wallet and went out to Emily! We drove to her house and then we watched grease and orders some nandos! Oh I love grease and nandos! After we finished watching grease we drove to where the signing was! I wasn't that excited but I put on a fake smile to please the girls! We reached the destination and went in line it was quite a long line so we waited a while and finally after 1 hour of waiting it was our turn! Emily and Hannah went up and greeted the boys and they greeted back, but I was waiting off to the side bored, but then I heard the same Thick Irish accent that I heard yesterday! I turned to my left and there was Niall. OH MY GOSH was Niall part of One Direction? I just bagged them out! Oh My!

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