These Moments Of A Life Time

Jessie dislikes One Direction but her sister Hannah and her best friend Emily loves them! She bumps into A mysterious boy on the way! They exchange numbers and part their ways! The next day she goes to the one Direction signing and that mysterious boy happens to be Niall Horan! What will she do? What will she say? Read and you will find out


1. Intro+Ch1

Hey guys my name is Jessie Lee! I am 18 years old (not really) and I have longish blonde hair, green eyes and 5"6 I am single also! I have a sister that is 17 and her name is Hannah! She is a directioner and so is my best friend Emily! Ah emily she is my best friend and I love her to bits! She has kinda curly blonde hair and is beautiful! She also has brown eyes! And me I not a directioner! They just annoy me!

Chapter 1! also I forgot we live in Australia 

It was a lazy Sunday and I was skyping Emily! It was the same old conversation hi, how are you, that good blah blah blah but then Emily started screaming! "AHHHHHH" "what happened, are you okay?!" "Asdfghjkl ONE DIRECTION ARE DOING A SINGING IN BRISBANE!!" Emily practically screamed! She gave me a funny look "no, no way am I coming, no way!" I said! She have me her signature puppy dog eyes! "Pwease your my best friend and you know I will be sad forever if you don't come!" I sighed "ugh fine!" "AHHHHH YAY THANK YOU JESSIE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! WE ARE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!" And just as Emily finished that sentence Hannah came bursting through the door! "Sure come in" I said in a sarcastic tone " WHAT? YOU'RE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION CAN I COME? PLEASE PLEASE!" She screamed in my ear! "Ugh. Fine bu-" I was cut off by Hannah running around screaming! "HEY HEY HEY" I yelled at Hannah! She stopped screaming! " the neighbours will probably think you are getting murdered!" " Sorry sis but I am just so excited!" She said with a huge grin on her face! " hey guys are you forgetting about me! I am still here ya know!" Emily said through the laptop! " sorry Emily! Hey I have to go but I'll text ya? Okay?" I said "yep see ya don't forget to text mwah bye bye" and with that last sentence I clicked the red button! " Okay Han go set the table before mum gets home!" "Okay Jess!" And with that she waltzed out the door! 

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