Kathy knows absolutely nothing about One Direction, except for the fact that her sister is obsessed with them. Kathy on the other hand does not care about them at all. One day, her mom makes her go with her sister to one of their concerts! Kathy does not want to go, but her mom insist that her and Katelynn go and spend some sisterly time together. What happens when Kathy loses her sister and runs into a certain boy band she absolutely dislikes? With Kathy's stubborn personality and Louis fun, immature personality, anything's bound to happen!


3. Migraines

Katelynn's P.O.V

I found the car, finally. Where in the world is she? I've been waiting for almost an hour and a half. I'll just call a taxi, jeez. What is wrong with that girl? I knew she didn't want to come, but did she really have to abandon me? Oh well, I guess it wasn't her fault.

Kathy's P.O.V
Those stupid boys kept on begging to come with me. I just want to leave. Then an idea came to mind. They can only go in if I take the back entrance. So, I think I'll take the front entrance, like most normal people do. I ran around the building, Louis didn't seem to care though. He took his jacket and put it around us with one of his arms. I feel so pretty, (note the sarcasm). If I'm that ugly that he has to cover my face, then why is he so freaking annoying? I just wish he would go away. I don't feel sick anymore, but I'm going to start to if he doesn't leave! We got inside and some employees were keeping the paparazzi and fangirls out. After about an hour in the waiting room, all the people outside had left, except for one girl.

She just sat there in her faded skinny jeans and converse, on the sidewalk, playing with a pebble, and had a little book in her hand. Louis noticed her and walked outside after instructing me to stay there. I watched him, as he walked out and sat beside her. She started laughing. Go figure. Louis was a funny guy. He signed her book, hugged her, then came back in.  Was I jealous? Pshht. No. He wished. I think he noticed.

"Jealous are we?" He laughed

"I don't have a jealous bone in my body."

"Uh huh. Okay. By the way, she means nothing to me, I just want you." He whispered. Then Dr, Martin came in.

"Kathy, I'm ready to see you." Dr, Martin said in a stern, deep, doctor voice.

"Okay, Frank."

We started walking to the room then Louis whipered, "First name basis huh?" I giggled.

"And I'm the jealous one?" I retorted. He laughed.


Louis walked me back to the limo. All the boys jumped up and Niall hugged me so tight to where I could barely breathe. "Niall. Can't. Breath. Going. To. Pass. Out." I said with all the breath I could. He apoligized then let go. I laughed. I then told them that the doctor told me I would have migraines for the next few weeks and I had to take the medicine he prescribed me. Thanks Louis.

"Well, we should head back to the arena. Your car is probably there." Liam said. We all climbed into the limo. Liam broke the awkward silence, "So, Kathy, I'm gonna need your number if we're going to meet your sister." I put it in his phone then gave him a death glare.

"Give to any of them and I will personally put peanut butter up your nose while you're sleeping. Understand?"

Liams eyeballs got huge and his face was terrified, he nodded fastly.

I started to feel sleepy. Stupid migraines. Stupid Louis. I felt my head land on someones chest. I felt the person smile, then put his arm around me and, started rubbing my back. I wonder who it was. Whoever it was, they made me feel better.


I felt the car stop and I woke up. Oh my gosh! It was freaking Louis. Why? I said thanks and goodbye. I jumped out and started walking. Louis caught up to me and reach for my hand, I rejected him. He laughed and we just walked in silence. I stopped at my neon purple, Mustang GT. He started checking out my car and commented, "Nice choice and color." I giggled and went to open the door.

Then, Louis slithered his arms around my waist.

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