Kathy knows absolutely nothing about One Direction, except for the fact that her sister is obsessed with them. Kathy on the other hand does not care about them at all. One day, her mom makes her go with her sister to one of their concerts! Kathy does not want to go, but her mom insist that her and Katelynn go and spend some sisterly time together. What happens when Kathy loses her sister and runs into a certain boy band she absolutely dislikes? With Kathy's stubborn personality and Louis fun, immature personality, anything's bound to happen!


1. Against my will

Kathy's P.O.V

"Wake up!" My so loved sister screams in my face. It's ten a.m on a Friday morning! We don't have school on Fridays, thank God.

"What do you want? I could still be asleep right now!" I yelled back in her face. Let's see how she likes it when someone screams in her face way to early in the morning.

"Tonight's the night of the concert!" She screamed, but not in my face this time. If she would have, then I wouldn't be able to control myslef if my hands wrapped around her neck. What is she talking about anyway?

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"The One Direction concert! Duh! What else would I be talking about?" She said it in a way, almost as if to make me feel stupid. The only thing that's stupid is that stupid boy band.

"I don't know, but I really don't care. Now move, I want food! And I want it now!" I got up and pushed past her. I walked into the kitchen, to find my mum making some yummy pancakes. I am really tired, considering Katelynn woke me up way to early! I usually don't get up until noon or one p.m. I love sleep, just like I love food.

"Morning, love." My mom said to me, with that ear to ear smile. Oh no! She only has that smile when she wants me and Katelynn to do stuff together. This should be interesting.

"Do you want some, honey? I made your favorite. They're blueberry!" She asked me with wide eyes. I nodded and started to wonder what she wanted from me. Hmm. If I have to got to that stupid concert, then her and my sister are in for a rude awakening.

I had about five pancakes! They weren't tiny either! They were really big! About the size of a regular plate. I never gain any weight though, so it doesn't matter how much I eat.  My sister came running into the kitchen with so much excitement, but I really didn't care.

"Thank you so much mom, for getting Kathy and I tickets!!" She exclaimed. So, that's what she wants. Go figure. I am not going to that stupid concert!

"Your welcome, I just thought it would be a good way for you and Kathy to spend some bonding time together." She said with no hesitation. Is this for real? Somebody pinch me, I'm having a complete NIGHTMARE!

"Do I have to go? I mean seriously I could care less about boys singing and dancing on a stage." I complained.

"Yes you do, I bought those tickets for you and Katelynn to use. You're going to go wether  you like it or not!" My mum yelled, and I knew there was no arguing.


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