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a girl named emily had just joined facebook and added a user named jacob1324 when they plan to meet at the beach for the first time she meets her idol and they fall in love the only problem is she already has a boyfreind who has a horrible temper and she is scared to tell him she loves someone else because he will do something that could hurt him for life.


9. whew..

I walked in the door with Justin and he crashed on the couch.''Hes crazy how can you stand him!''

''i can't ive been wanting to break up with him for a while now!''I said out of breath.He got up slowly, breathing hard and grabbed my hand and led me to my room and shut the door.

                                                    *******************                                                                       I woke up with my arm hanging off the bed and Justin was on the floor.Dang we sleep hard...Justin got up and layed back on the bed.i layed my arm over his stomach and put my head on his shoulder.he smiled down at me and kissed me on my head.

        ''would you love me forever no matter what?''

        "yeah....why? I asked

         "i..............i h-have aids.'' I gasped and hug him tightly.

         "Babe,i was kidding!'' I looked up at him

          "then what is the real thing?''

          ''Well do you remember when we went to that party awhile ago?

         *FLASH BACK*

     We pulled up to the party and knocked on the door.''Stay with me.''Justin said winking and grabbing my hand.We were invited in by the girl with a poodle skirt and dirty blonde long hair,she flipped her hair behind her arm,clearly flirting with Justin.''Come in darlin'.''she said fluttering her long fake eyelashes.Justin shook her hand and nodded.''Come on.''he said walking away,i turned around to look at her.She was cradling the hand that Justin touched and she kissed it.I rolled my eyes.''Hey look!''Justin cheered pointed to a group of people playing spin the bottle.Me and Justin sat down and the rules were explained to us by a pretty girl with lakey blue eyes and brown hair.''Okay we are playing spin the bottle but,in our version you spin the bottle and whoever it lands on you kiss in the closet and do whatever you want after you've kissed for ten seconds.If it lasts longer you have to sit out for the next round which is when the rest of us have already gone.''The poodle girl ran over and sat down.''Do you know how to play?"the blue eye girl asked.''yes i do.I love this game!''she said with her annoying country voice.''Can i go first?''she asked.Blue eyes nodded.Poodle spun the bottle and whoop-te-do,what do you know,it landed on Justin!They got up and headed to the closet.''1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.''Blue eyes counted.''you're free to do what you want.Faint sound were heard,and rustling.10 Seconds pasted,then 20,30,40.They fianally came out Justin's hair was messed up,and Poodle was fixing her skirt.''okay you two are toatally out!''Blue laughed.''Emily you're up.''she said biting her nails.I nervously spun it.

                                      *END OF FLASHBACK*

                               ''EMILY!!''Justin shouted snapping his fingers in my face.


                                "Did you remember it?''


                                "well me and Mckenna-''


                                ''The one with the poodle skirt."

         i rolled my eyes."Oh,her.''i said annoyed

                                  "yeah'',he laughed,''well me and her kissed.....alot.''

          i nodded "Well you didn't like it so it's okay.''

         He was silent.  "You liked it!DIDN'T YOU!''

         He smiled nervously ''HOW COULD YOU!!??''

          he looked stunned ''YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T BE MAD!''


            he looked sad as i stood up and pointed to the door.''GET OUT!!''

                  he had a tears in his eyes.''but....-''

                                           ''JUST--get out.''i sad still pointing but i closed my eyes because i didn't want to cry.He walked out sadly on closed my front door.i sat on my bed and cryed.How could he do this to me?After everything we've been through.


              POOR EMILY!POOR JUSTIN AWW WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO!FIND OUT LATER!                                       LUV YA'LL!!


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