favorite girl

a girl named emily had just joined facebook and added a user named jacob1324 when they plan to meet at the beach for the first time she meets her idol and they fall in love the only problem is she already has a boyfreind who has a horrible temper and she is scared to tell him she loves someone else because he will do something that could hurt him for life.


5. telling the truth

lizzy and i were talking about our boyfreinds and snacking on sandwiches.lizzy excused herself to the bathroom,i took out my phone and began playing angry birds trying to figure out why the choose birds and pigs to battle.i was on the second level when i got bored and decided to go on facebook.jacob was on and for some reason i was happy.he relyed so fast like he had already typed it and was ready to click enter,just waiting for me to get on.jacob1324:hi can i tell you something emily15:hi,yea sure jacob1324:im,justin.i gasped then invited him to my party he agreed.a door slammed shut and liz ran down the stairs and jumped on the couch"hey what r you doing?jacob1324?who is he?"i tryed to figure out a way to tell her without her freaking out."ok dont freak but its justin bieber and hes coming to our party."i put my hand over her mouth while she was in mid scream."do you know what this means!''i thought about it."no."she looked at me like i was stupid"we could become legends if he came here!"no celebraty that had him at their party had never become more famous,that i knew of."we could be more popular than the pretties!!"she rambled on and on about how popular we could be.i shut down my computer and we talked about decorations for the party.

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