favorite girl

a girl named emily had just joined facebook and added a user named jacob1324 when they plan to meet at the beach for the first time she meets her idol and they fall in love the only problem is she already has a boyfreind who has a horrible temper and she is scared to tell him she loves someone else because he will do something that could hurt him for life.


8. oh no

we were still on the beach splashing each other."HEY!"me and justin searched for the voice.a guy i reconize runs up and pushes justin down i jump on the guys back and punch him in the face intill he falls.i get up and kick him intill i look at his face."BRANDON!!"justin looked at me very confused."how the heck do you know this jerk!"i didnt want to say i knew it would kill  justin"um we...um we,we used to date."brandons face turned into a scary scowl."yea and she never asked me to date other guys!''i kicked him in the face."I WENT TO YOUR HOUSE AND TOLD YOU IT WAS OVER I DONT HAVE TO ASK YOU!HECK I EVEN AVOIDED U AT SCHOOL I HATE YOU I HATED DATING U IM FIANALLY FREE TO BE ME SO STOP RUINING IT!!!!"both justin and brandon were surprised by my out burst."well i didnt know you felt like that,and i dont care you are and were my property,LETS GO!"he grabbed my arm and pulled me away"NOOOOO,JUSTIN HELP!"justin got up and ran to brandon and kicked him and grabbed his neck and pulled him to the ground.he grabbed me and tryed to pull me from his grip.but brandon held on"GIVE HER TO ME SHE WAS A BAD GIRL AND IM ABOUT TO TEACH HER WHAT I DO TO BAD GIRLS!''justin pulled as hard as he could to get me out."LEAVE ME ALONE IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!"i screamed he let go and fell to the ground justin put his arm around me and we ran.

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