favorite girl

a girl named emily had just joined facebook and added a user named jacob1324 when they plan to meet at the beach for the first time she meets her idol and they fall in love the only problem is she already has a boyfreind who has a horrible temper and she is scared to tell him she loves someone else because he will do something that could hurt him for life.


7. jumped

i was walking on the beach with justin talking about what to do"um,you wanna get a snow cone?"i thought about it for a moment."sure go ahead.''he ran off like a little boy tripping on the sand.a girl about 7 ran up to me''hey!"she caught my attention"hey?do i know u?"she smiled which made me really uncomfortable."no but i know you and if you wanna keep your "pretty" face like that then stay away from justin!"although she was yelling she seemed really calm probably expecting me to crumble."look i dont know who you THINK you are but i think im justins girlfreind and not u."she got in my face and stared at me,a wind blew the ruffles on her flower bathing suit making her look evil very evil."he is mine i am his girl freind but you clearly didnt get the memo.im justins girlfreind he loves me!so im going to say this again,STAY AWAY FROM JUSTIN!"i looked her in the eye and backed up"make me!!"i tryed to sound tougher then she did."thats it you old hag you have gotten on my last nerve!SISSY!"a girl about 14 ran up and conferted the whining little brat."SISSY",she cryed,"SHE HURT ME!!''i wasnt to surprised with her reaction i kinda expected that.i turned around and walked away bored with the situation."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"the little brats sister jumped on my back throwing me to the ground."WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!??"she looked at me and my bruised knee."YOU!YOUR WHATS WRONG WITH ME,YOU MESSED WITH MY SISTER!!"they were both my problem and id have to deal with them."listen you and your little brat can leave me alone so i can enjoy my date,you two go froleck and dance and drown in the sea or something."she pushed me almost making me fall.i shoved her slightly because im not a fighter im a lover,usually.she slowly walked away cussing and swearing."bu bye"i said as i walked away.justin ran up holding two snowcones he handed me the blue one.we walked in the shallow end of the sea and ate our snowcones.


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