favorite girl

a girl named emily had just joined facebook and added a user named jacob1324 when they plan to meet at the beach for the first time she meets her idol and they fall in love the only problem is she already has a boyfreind who has a horrible temper and she is scared to tell him she loves someone else because he will do something that could hurt him for life.


10. Calling,calling and more calling

''Hey,Em,it's Justin;again.I just want to hear your voice,i'm sorry for what I did but,I don't understand why a little kiss is such a big deal.Please just call me baby,I miss you.''Justin said for the 10th time on my answering machine.I shoved my face deeper in my pillow and let the tears soak into it.DING DONG!I heard from my front door.''JUST GO AWAY!,'I cried,sort of yelling,''I don't want company right now.''I threw my head back into my pillow and cried some more.DING DONG,DING DONG!It was getting on my nerves and the person at the door was going to get their butt whooped.I walked out of my room and opened the front door.''What do you want!?"I yelled out of sadness.''Woah,are you alright..''I heard a familer voice say before I looked up.It was Justin and he was holding a bouquet of light blue and purple flowers.''Justin,what are you doing he-''I said but I was cut off by him.''I felt really bad for kissing another girl.Em,your the only girl I see.I would take a bullet for you.Don't you know that?"I nodded and blushed.He rubbed his soft,warm thumb against my cheek.He wiped my tears and felt the smudged maskara below my eyes.''Justin i'm sorry...''I said,a few tears running down my cheeks.''Don't be,it's not your fault but I think it'd be best if we took a break..''

"You mean,break up forever?"My eyes were tearing up again and I was about to slam the door and fall to the floor crying.

''NO.I mean mabye just like a week away.I couldn't last forever without you.''I blushed and turned my head away from him.I could feel my cheeks getting warm and red.''I'm sorry did I say something wrong?"He said worriedly.''No silly,you made me blush!''He smiled and kissed my cheek softly.I pulled his face back to mine and pecked him slowly.I embraced him in a hug.''I love you Justin..''

''I love you too Emily...always.''




I hope this chapter gets me more readers because I've been lacking on this story and now you guys hate me!But RIGHT NOW I'M TOTALLY FANGIRLING!I SAW A MAGAZINE EARLIER TODAY THAT SAID SELENA GOMEZ AND NIALL HORAN ARE DATING!I'm not a big selenator or whatever you call them or a directioner.But I like Selena way more that One Direction.Well tell me what you think bye.

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