favorite girl

a girl named emily had just joined facebook and added a user named jacob1324 when they plan to meet at the beach for the first time she meets her idol and they fall in love the only problem is she already has a boyfreind who has a horrible temper and she is scared to tell him she loves someone else because he will do something that could hurt him for life.


4. brandon

"oh hi sweetie!"brandon`s mom yelled cheerfully as her eyes followed my nervous frown."i was hoping you`d come over um,brandon got in a fight with the law and is very cranky he`s in his room"she motioned her hands to let me in i unwillingly walked up the stairs"BE CAREFULL!"she yelled i nodded in approvel.


             i opened the door a crack and peeked in."uh,hi brandon um i wanted to talk to you"he smiled and motioned me to lay next to him.i hesitated and waited for him to speak"what did you want to say?"i walked close to the door because knowing his reputation he might take this to hard and keep me hostige."i-i dont think we should go out any more it`s been fun but i don`t think we really know each other as much as we think we do i`m sorry it has to be this way."he stood up probably noticing how nervous i was.he walked near me and grabbed my hands"okay.....it`s hard but i`ll-i`ll...listen i love you and whatever made you not like me i will change and i`ll be what you want me to be i can`t even pretend to not care PLEASE TAKE ME BACK,i`m so sorry!"it was hard to say no to him but i released my hand from his grip and ran out of his house.i got in my car and drove home and called liz"hello liz i broke up with him it was hard,very hard.""noone said it was going to be easy this isn`t care bear land,but i think you did the right thing relasonships can be hard by the way i got in a relasonship with alex he`s sweet,kind,thoughtful,and the best thing he asked me out!"i screamed excitedly and ran to my room"well nothing beats mine"she sighed"i know i know that kind, funny, hot....ok ok yours is better"i laughed and invited her over.

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