A lonely girl in a not so quiet place. Whats the likelyness of that? Not much, and yet Lee manages it. Ever since she became a transfer student from China she knew shed never fit in. Her secret? Well you'll just have to wait and find out.


5. Memories


Harry walked through the city happily. He was off to go buy some food for breakfast. When he arrived at the store he saw and odd figure standing in front of an aisle. The aisle was filled with Chinese items from food to candy.

The person standing in the aisle wearing a plan white shirt with sleeves that reached down past their finger tips. The shirt was made in a Chinese style and looked as soft as silk. Most likely because that's what it was. The end of the shirt reach down to mid thigh. The pants were more like capris, they reached just past the knees. The black silk shining brightly against the white.

Harry looked up hoping to see the face of the mystery person but was saddened when he discovered they were wearing a black hat pulled down to cover their face. The person jumped as if finally sensing him and looked at him. Hair covered parts of their face and a dark shadow from the hat hid their features. All features except one. The person gazed at Harry with yellow green cat eyes. "What do you want?" their eyes questioned. Suddenly, as if realizing, their eyes changed to a golden brown in an instant. The person ran out of the store as quickly as possible taking quick soundless steps in their black flats.

Harry, completely forgetting about breakfast, ran after them. He followed, not as gracefully as them, through the crowd. When he got out of the crowd the mysterious person was no where to be found. Harry sighed. "I lost them..."he muttered and walked to the store.


"Jie Jie..." Harry jumped at the sound. He looked at the figure sitting in the corner. "So you're awake?" he asked. He looked closely at Lee, her eyes were glassy and brimmed with tears. "Do you know why I hide from the world...?" Lee whispered suddenly after a long silence. She didn't wait for him to respond. "My home was taken from me because of your kind." she muttered bitterly.

"My kind...?" Harry said uneasily. "I lived happily as a child with my family. Mama, Baba, Jie Jie, and Ge Ge..." her voice strained from the memories. "I don't..."  Harry started. "Of course you don't understand." Lee snapped. "Humans never understand. That's why they do what they do. They destroy because they're afraid. They kill because they're afraid. There's a lot they don't understand in this world and it scares them. They hurt each other because they're afraid, because they don't know or understand anything. You. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING EITHER!" Lee's voice had slowly risen to a yell.

Harry was shocked silent and he figured it was best to keep it that way. Lee shook her head and smiled bitterly. "I lost my family because of you pitiful humans. I didn't understand then, but now...now I do."

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