A lonely girl in a not so quiet place. Whats the likelyness of that? Not much, and yet Lee manages it. Ever since she became a transfer student from China she knew shed never fit in. Her secret? Well you'll just have to wait and find out.


3. Forgiven

When she awoke she wasn't in a familiar place. Instantly she sat up on full alert and tried to move. Her attempts were cut short by the tight ropes around her arms. All she needed was tape ovrr her mouth and it was the complete set! Wait did i say she didn't have tape over her mouth? Oh well correction she did!
Whoever's behind this I'm gonna pummel them.., Lee thought angrily. She winced as she felt something sharp press in between her wings. "Don't move." a boy said. Slowly he removed the tape. "Really 'don't move'. Is that your version of a pick up line. If so you're not gonna get very far." Lee sneered sarcastically.
The boy smiled. "Actually it was." he moved the sharp item lower and cut the ropes. "What are you doing? Aren't you the bad guy? Aren't I supposed to escape and beat your annoying butt." Lee rubbed her raw skin where she had been tied up. "And while you're at it give me some clothes!" she shivered in the cold room. Her swimsuit didn't give much protection to the under tempature room.
"I'm not the bad guy. I just wanted to know who you are." the boy said. "Ever thought of 'Hey whats your name.' I hear thats the new greeting these days." she said. She could sense the boys uneasiness. "You're different thats why. I just want to know what you are and who you are. Oh by the way I'm Harry." In an instant the room flooded with lights and she could see the beautiful smile of the boy. His hair curled in thr perfect way, sitting in the perfect spots. Lee blushed and stood up."I'm going home." she extended her wings to its full length, a full 14 feet. In an instant she fell to the ground in pain. "This is why I brought you here..I found you on the beach with your wings damaged." Harry said quietly. "I hadn't noticed." Lee said through gritted teeth. Lee couldn't handle the pain anymore and passed out. Harry looked at her beautiful wings once again. Its red color as vibrant as fire and its strong structure perfect and thin. Who was it that had cut up her wing? Who was it that tied her up at the beach? Who could've wanted to damage such a beautiful creature?, thought Harry. He sighed noisly. He'd just have to wait and find out.
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