A lonely girl in a not so quiet place. Whats the likelyness of that? Not much, and yet Lee manages it. Ever since she became a transfer student from China she knew shed never fit in. Her secret? Well you'll just have to wait and find out.


4. Dreams

Before I start there is chinese in here!! Here are translations: Baba- dad, papa Mei Mei(may may)- younger sister Jie Jie- older sister Ge Ge- older brother
"Baba I don't wanna go!" she exclaimed. "Mei Mei go now!" Baba yelled. "Jie Jie take Mei Mei now!" Loud booms came from the distance. "I don't want to Mama!" the little 8 year old screamed. A puff of smoke rose into the sky. "Mei Mei lets go!" Jie Jie grabbed her around the waist. But what about Ge Ge?!" Mei Mei asked. The older girl got quiet. Another boom came. "Mei Mei take this." Baba put a necklace in her hand. The green jade necklace glowed faintly. Mama did the same to Jie Jie. "Whats this?" Mei Mei asked. "It is a family treasure. Take good care of it. It will help you when you need it I promise." Mama said. Another boom, closer this time, came.
Without another word Jie Jie extended her golden wings and took off into the sky. Her wings powerfully pushed through the air. "Mama! Baba!" Mei Mei yelled. Tears streamed down her youngface. Her home town. It was all gone to her in a puff of smoke...All because of terrified fools, but Mei Mei didn't understand that. She just knew she was losing her home. The only place she knew and her family.
Lee woke with a start and instinctively reached for her necklace. She clutched it tightly in her hand. "Jie Jie...." she whispered.
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